My first expression “Geez!!! That’s Huge Hurricane!!! Just watched CNN news and want to express my concern to the people affected in Puerto Rico and some areas in the line of the hurricane.

Source : CNN

It did reminded me of Tsunami Aceh and “Scorpion”, a Netflix series. In Scorpion, the protagonist  genius able to “turn off” the tornado. No one, even our planet’s genius can prevent such monstrous disaster in real life.

Sometimes i look over the window of my room straight to the mountain and suddenly imagine if a colossal ocean waves comes right into my place through the mountain, then what can i do???

We have a saying in Indonesia, “badai pasti berlalu” (the tornado/hurricane/etc will pass in the end). It did, but it leaves the damage and the rebuild of cities will takes some time.

When tsunami struck Aceh in 2004, it killed 230,000 people in total 14 countries, including Aceh. Then people started to asking question is it God’s punishment to Aceh? But Aceh already declared its Sharia Islam in 2001, so what could go wrong? The people there doing good obeying their religion to God. In my perspective, shit happened.

For decades, people looks for extraterrestrial activity, aliens and the chances that there are other God’s creation beside our earth or from where they are coming from if God not the one who created them. Anyway, is there any technology coming from these aliens that could prevent such a huge disaster like the hurricane. I am way over my head of this.

No matter what we know now or what we will know later, disasters are more to come and what we can do is help people in need {click to tweet} in our own capacity, just because we are limited as who we are in the nature, a creation.

Other thing that we can do is prepare ourselves for any kind of disasters. This guy will show you how to do just that very well!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image : Photo via Visualhunt