There’s many articles out there suggesting us how to make money quickly. Here are my reviews on each of the way to “MAKE MONEY QUICKLY”, but before that, we should ask “HOW QUICK?”

  1. No-risk betting.  Betting is prohibited, so it will be blocked in some countries, and the higher your bet, the higher you can get. Free $15 can get $100 and then what after that? Suggested websites Nope, no quick money.
  2. Online Surveys. Bloody hell surveys, they want you to fill in your profile, then you will be directed to a page where it states “There’s no surveys available for you at this time”.  Suggested websites : Toluna, Vivatic. Nope, no quick money.
  3. Paid for searching the web. The website suggested is only available for the service in US and UK. Suggested website : Nope, no quick money.
  4. Online Market Trading. So you have to invest $1,000 for a deposit. Dude, get me quick money and not invest money to get long term results. Anyway, this one is not simple and it’s still hard to implement it. Suggested websites : Plus500, Nope, no quick money.
  5. Start your Website. This one works out well, you can have adsense on it and from other product placement advertisements. Still, building a website is long investment, passive income will come only in 6 months after you build a website, because adsense only approve website that longer than 6 months publicly listed. Nope, no quick money.
  6. Review websites for cash. It states that we can review for 20 minutes and get $10 which is pretty much awesome, if you do it 24 hours nonstop you will likely gets $1,440 imagine it for 30 days nonstop XD. Suggested Website : Yes. It’s a maybe a quick money!.
  7. Buy and Sell Rare Item. Toys from Star Wars, or Disney bought several years ago, could increase more than 100% today. But hey, it’s NOW that we need quick money, and i don’t even purchased the items yet.
  8. Sites that rewards you with cash and vouchers for completing offers. Sounds great offers but the problem is the suggested websites are blocked in certain countries. Suggested Websites : Toluna, InboxPounds. Nope, no quick money.
  9. Try GrabCar, Uber, or McD Delivery Guy. It can be done, but the cost and benefit, and the traffic, need a lot of effort on that. If you can handle that, yes It’s a quick money!.
  10. Write a book and publish it. Writting an article is hard , now a book? It will need you a lot of time, and not quick money today. Nope, no quick money.

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I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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