It has been a theme in human’s mind for decades. If good things happen in people’s life, we will act positively toward our life and other’s life. But … if bad things happen, if things just not at their places, we got angry, and some will go havoc. If worst things keep coming back to you in small scale or in big scale, can I wondering if we are at the end of the World?

You just don’t know when worst thing come. In the night, outside of your window, you will see a beautiful city’s light with a full moon.

No crowd voices, just enjoy the silence, thinking, doing reflections, meditating or any other things we can do to enjoy a night.

Hoping that tomorrow will be better than today and the pasts.

What if? … just what if, bad things happen? Like Hurricane Irma or recently, Shooting in Last Vegas. You will forget the beauty of it in a blink of eye.

We will feel the shock even we are not in the place where it happened. Feeling dumbfounded as Paddock’s brother quote.

It’s really destructively amazing how a person can get an idea of killing.

Killing is not easy. You have to pass thousands compassion blocks inside your heart, and thousands consequences scenarios inside your head. {click to tweet} I am not talking about psychopath or other “sick” people, I am talking about normal people that gone through hard things and decided to kill.

Killing people triggered by many things, some of them I know are these :

  1. Stress in a long period. “When will I get enough of this? Okay, I am sorry I did it, but just get me out of this burden! I can’t go for another day”. I was thinking about Solitary in Jail System. Being confined in a small place 23-24 hours everyday? It’s really stressful, if nothing to be killed, the inmates will kill themselves. We create this solitary system in our own life. When we decided to cut ties with family, friends, or people, we are endangering ourselves, because no man is an island, and when they become an island, they will lose their humanity’s sense.
  2. Anger. Prolonged anger will somehow getting harder to calmed down, and for a person to keep maintaining anger for so long is real bad for their health, and their “enemies”. It triggers revenge, black campaign, hate speech, even … killing.
  3. People acts negatively towards everything happened in their life. I call it’s a seed to every bad moves people could make in life.

Either people are “sick” or just normal people gone bad, we, the “normal” people, just will never know when these things hit us in our life in the future. A simple example, a prostitute killed because she said to a guy who hired her that he stinks and he pays lower than expected, only $3 lower.

Why people act negatively?! These are the 5 reasons I can come up with :

  1. They don’t have fun in life. Life is just meant to be fun, if it’s not, why do you live anyway? Get out of the stressful events, and just go out will not hurt your life.
  2. They choose to be negative person or critical person. They always have “something to say” about everything happen. They just can’t enjoy the silence.
  3. They don’t have faith that good things will ALWAYS happen. Whether you believe of God or not, bad things and good things happen in your life. The problem is just WHEN. Don’t you want to wait for good things happen? or you just gonna go negative all the way down to your grave?
  4. Comparing yourselves, your achievements to others. WHY IN THE HELL YOU DOING THAT? People don’t care about you, why you care about them by comparing yourself to them. If they cheat on everything so they can achieve everything what they are today, it’s them, not you. They deserve or not, it’s not you to decide. Your Job is You, making you better than yourself an hour ago. {click to tweet}
  5. Keep remembering the bad things that happened in their life. The last thing to remember is that “act negatively will get you nowhere”. Being nice is not as painful as being negative. What happen in the past stayed there. Don’t go to the hole anymore! It’s you today will shape the future, not the past. They only gets you to this very day of your life. It’s just as good as you being aware of your weakness, but to go strong, it is you … right now in the future.

I guess we will never know when is the end of the world, but making this world better or at least at small scale is the only thing we can do by being :

  1. Helpful to others,
  2. Active to ask for help (it’s your nature to ask for help and there’s nothing shame on that),
  3. Grateful for today in your life that you breathe the air, and;
  4. Keep your HOPE up, because as you never know when bad things happen, you also never know when good things happen.

In conclusion, the ultimate reason why people strongly act negative is because they don’t love themselves.


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image : Photo via VisualHunt