Why men hire prostitute? It’s probably the most stupid question if you ask the right men. Men from any status (married? single? widower?) will come to a point that there’s a thought to hire a prostitute.

Photo Credit : Eka Nickmatulhuda

When they hire a prostitute? (alone? frigid wife? fantasies? social pressures?). Who would they hire? (professional prostitutes? high class prostitutes? street prostitute?). How they hire a prostitute? (through friends? social media? agencies? streets?).

Some reasons men hire prostitute are even simpler than what we assume. These reasons are a denial of common logic, “why i do that, because of this. If this not happening, then I will not do that“. You have a choice of not doing that EVEN if you are having these!. Here they are :

  1. Taste different experiences with other women, especially the HOT ones. What are these experiences?
    • Fantasy : they want to live up their fantasies that can’t be done with their wives, girlfriends or any other women.
    • Caring Experience : well-paid prostitute don’t complain as much as their wives or girlfriends, and with their GFE (girl-friend-experience), prostitute can be more caring than other women, and even they will provide man with the After-Sex bed talk when he can easily talking about secrets to a stranger.
    • Experiment : Addiction at higher level makes someone hunger for experiments with a woman. It can lead to a kinky or even nastier situation that is unthinkable. Maybe, it will lead to, even a beating or … killing.
  2. Opportunities. Going away for business trips or travelling outside the countries, every men’s thought has been tempted to taste local “cuisine”. When there’s opportunity to be alone and without anyone watch, they would go for the temptation.
  3. Simplicity. Call a number, Waiting for “the service” to come, Having “the service”, Payments, and Goodbye. No strings attached.
  4. Woman’s Blindness. “Oh no, you don’t know him like a do”, “He is a good guy”, “He is the love of my life”, “I know who he is exactly, his sacrifice for this relationship”, He Will Never Do That. Some women are blinded with man’s character, and some “good” men prey on that, making it easier to cheat on woman and going with prostitutes.
  5. The Belief that AIDS and other worst disease will never get unto them. How easy men can just ignore the facts that it can happen! It happen, and when the time come, regrets, begging for forgiveness not gonna cut out, rather than just Accept and Move Forward.

These days, social media and internet are side-by-side supports these prostitution, and the arguments always gonna be “We are not responsible for third-party advertisements”. Just look at what happen with backpage.com! They still survive until now. I don’t have super extensive knowledge about Law, but I know about common sense and doing what is right.

The backpage case has been in years, and they always hide under Section 230, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider“.

Prostitution itself is big, but child-trafficking? It’s unthinkable. So, if a porn website put an underage porn content in their website, it’s illegal, but what backpage doing is not. I have to be a rebellion on this, Law was made to be broken. Lex iniusta lex non est — St. Augustine. In the end, I think law is above humanity. {click to tweet}

Sometimes, Governments are afraid to make a move to organizations. They have too many reasons why not doing the right things in the first place. They have power, yet they are powerless or choose to be powerless, hiding under their silence and pretending things doesn’t happen.

Things happen, and it happen with children. Is it not enough to make a move? To straighten things up?

But more look at it, parents also have significant part on the growing of prostitution. Divorce, Broken Family, Fail Marriage has become the undeniable factor for increasing in prostitution among child. So, my message to all parents, GET YOUR MARRIAGE IN PLACE! Listen to Amy Waterman if you need so!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image : Photo credit Blemished Paradise via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA