I must admit the title is a bit provocative and can be misinterpreted at some time, but it’s just the way I could raise an awareness among gamers, parents, and our friends.

Some people die naturally, some dies because of accidents and things happened outside of their control, but some dies because of their ignorance. Ignorance is the worst enemy of life.

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This List will keep going until people aware of it and stop the habit.

  • Rustam died after playing Defense of the Ancients for 3 weeks nonstop.
  • Brian Vigneault died after playing War of Tanks for nearly 24 hours.
  • Hsieh died from cardiac arrest after playing 3 days nonstop.
  • Chuang died after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours marathon.
  • Chris participated in 12-hours long X-Box game and died.
  • Lee Seung Seop playing Starcraft for 50 hours and died.

Those people died not because of games they play. They died because they did not know the line between “it’s enough” and “let’s keep going”. It’s not their mistakes, it’s nobody’s mistakes. It’s just because they didn’t know that it would bring death to them.

Is Playing Game for hours, an addiction or a habit? At some point, it doesn’t matter. But of course it’s the habit that we should stop and not ignoring it. Habit is something that you do without you even need to “raise a sign” of it. It’s automatically, it’s predictable, it’s consistent. {click to tweet} Put that in the same basket and name it Games, Drugs, Love, or anything, it will not change. It’s still something that you do with or without your awareness of it.

What are Gamer’s Habit that you need to be aware of ?

  1. The first thing they do in the morning is open the game platform. It’s the first thing you have in mind when you wake up in the morning.

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    It become priority to you. A habit that state deep in your heart that “you have to play games, before you do other activities”. You need to aware of that you will ignore your important activities for a day, and keep playing for hours. It’s your comfort zone, so “No one takes me nowhere at this point”. By ignoring your important responsibilities, it will always takes an effect in some moments of your life. You will run out of time to change something you ignore. Time is precious, you will not fly back to the past.

  2. Sit for hours. Your body is designed for regular movements.

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    If you do not change your hours sitting habit, it will lead you to heart attack, diabetes, colon cancer, brain damage, digestion problem, posture problem, muscle degeneration, leg disorders. Google for experts’ articles out there about these terms. These … will get you if you don’t change. Your blood circulation in your body was not supposed to be pressed in a long time. Gamers always focus on achievements in the game, while they should focus on their body. They will not able to play any games in unhealthy body. Even, if you go for a fitness for 1 – 2 hours, but if you sit the whole day, it will not gonna works for you also. It’s still risky for your body. You need to move around a bit, refresh, and continue gaming after that.

  3. A bad habit always followed by other bad habits.

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    I am talking about your eating habit, snacks, smokes, drinks while you sit and gaming whole day. Gaming is not easy activities. Your body, your heart even moves a long with the thrills, the challenges, and the achievements in games. I remember a day when I’m in deep stress and my heart beats faster when I play Nioh. I am feeling very tired afterwards, then I draw a line and that line is “ENOUGH!”. But people are awesome, instead of enough, they say “One more time”. This “One more time” continue to 4 hours later. To ease up the tension, making you bit relax, you run on cigars, snacks, soda that will lead to more illness later, and when you realize that it’s not worth, you will lose your time to undo your actions.

Of course playing games always has its positive sides. It gives you satisfaction, happiness, confidence when finishing a hard game. It can increase your way of solving problems. That’s what I said when I said that the games does not affect gamers, it’s the gamers who affect their life.

Playing games also not a way to waste time also. It just need you to manage yourself to play games. You need to approach games as any other important things that matter in your life. Make a schedule with it and stay healthy in your life.

Doing Fitness or ask for help regarding your health earlier, perform medical check up is great things to do before things escalated. Check this suggestion out!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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