Women your type are amazing, but sometimes you don’t have the opportunities to make a move. You feel so annoyed by yourself and your achievement resulting in a very bold statement “I’m not worth of love”, “I am not worth of this woman”, “I am not worth of this life”.

You might even so desperate you want to kill yourself. How many times you were in a lift alone with a woman so beautiful, you can say a word “hi where did you buy that phone accessory?” but YOU DIDN’T, and then you regret it, and the circle keep going baby!

Even a playboy wants his legitimate girl at some time, when he say he has enough of the f** p**. Woman surely best at selling. A far relatives once said, “I can buy my promotion in my office, just make sure my tops are revealing, and my skirts also, then it’s a matter of time to experience the inevitable”

Men full of theories, women best at practical appliances. Bigo, Yobby, Kitty Live, it’s a f* whore marketing experience for women. Did I say “whore”? Well, I’m sorry about it. Sue me then! I got nothing left to fear off! ^.^

I put a profile picture of someone beautiful in Yobby and what did I get? 90 Stupid followers, didn’t even know how to differentiate fake from real account. What year we are living today? What generation is this? This is all just stupid, but yet people love it.


So why you keep playing your social media account and still don’t have a chance to have a date? Click below for more!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image : Photo via VisualHunt.com