That is life! That is just what you do in life, you hit harder. You experience, you accept, you plan, you hit back harder. People tend to look for happiness. Well, let me say to you, I found happiness already when I eat. I found it when I drive, I found it when I play games, I talk, I share, I think, I experience.

Think of life, day by day, as you swing you run towards the basket to score a dunk. You will get blocked at some times, the other run, you will score! Even if you can’t score a single dunk in a game. It’s just because you don’t plan, think, and practice enough. So after you lose, what you are going to do next is PLAN, PRACTICE, and FIGHT again.

A lot of names came up about people who doesn’t give up until the end, from a religious one, the Jesus, to someone you don’t even know exist Dashrath Manjhi. After his wife passed away because he can’t go to the doctor in time, because of the route circling the mountain, he decided to pave the path to the other village accross the mountain.

Manjhi’s effort will be worthless if he gives up, because no one except himself believe what he did is the absolute right to do. He doesn’t have anything, except PLAN, and he FIGHTS for it. Now, so many people enjoy his works.

Life doesn’t end when you end your life, life starts after you get back up again, get back up again, and get back up again. Life never disappoints, you disappoints yourself for giving up. Don’t compare yourself to other people’s suffering, you should help them! Not compare yourself to them! If their life harder than you, they suffer than you, WHAT’S the point of knowing that???

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image credit: JohnONolan on / CC BY