Sometimes a thought pops up in my head, thinking “who am I? why I blogging? who the hell care?”. The problem with this thought is you do it for people to read your blog, for money? for something outside your control.

The reason I blog is because I love to share what I thought, no matter people read it or not. It’s like a child sing a song in the bathroom. Who cares? No one, except, he perform in front of big audience.

I never thought Internet as a big audience. To get a blog delivered to people who love your thoughts is like finding a soulmate. It’s never been easy. Take a look on Jack Paul. He was nobody, then become a Social Media Star. What a Joke!

I never find him funny enough or interesting enough to watch hours. I only noticed when he had his suicide video becoming viral. Seriously, just for YouTube video, why would you go there? Who the hell is your audience, Mr Paul? Even though I never feel terrible by that video since I can’t see clearly the suicide!

Anyway, haters will always hates! That’s when you gone SOCIAL! People loves, people hates. It’s very uneasy to be Mr Paul nowadays. He had this clip to get people aware of suicide or things like that. I’m really not impressed, and feels very weird about those acts. I know he has to go for work again otherwise he will not get any money coming in.

But bearing the hates of the world to him is very much unbelievable. The hates of the world, meh we talking about Jesus?

For me, blogging just like becoming YouTuber, just like singing, all are intended for one and only one reason : Entertain Ourselves.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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