When you are growing old, you will see different perspectives of a single coin. When we were young, we saw it as a coin which has two sides. It conceives with our mind, we thought it’s normal … dark and light, evil and good.

You have to be good, or evil. You can’t be both! What we don’t know is that we can see both side of a coin at the same time. That’s when mirror comes in. When you put an object in front of it, you can see both of the sides in the same time.

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But, the problem is … can you focus on both of them at the same time? We have both eyes, but why we can only focus on one object at a time. When you try to divide your focus, you will end up losing the beauty of it. You can not enjoy an object at its fullest.

People asks,”When will you get a house? When will you get married? When will you have a car? When will you have enough salary to pay all those? Why do you keep working on job you not satisfy with? When will you own your own business? and the list will continue to exactly no end. Because no matter how many you answer, people questions everything! {click to tweet}

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We choose to focus on one side of a coin in life, not because we can’t be the other side of a coin, but because we choose side! But, in life, it doesn’t always works like that, we pretend to focus on one, even though our purpose is the other side of a coin. The question now is “Can’t we make a coin stand?” Yes, we can! That’s not the right question anyway. The right question is “How long can you make a coin stand?”

A little shake will make that coin fall down! And now here comes the glue. Glue it to a table, and it will not move like forever. Determination is what makes our coins stand still. The thing is … the only one who can move that coin even if it’s glued tightly to a table is us. Now here comes the DISTRACTION.

How many times you determine to do something, what makes you cancel that is The Great Great DISTRACTION General of War.

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How many times we STOP, to take a rest from our purpose which has to be done fast in critical moments. Distractions makes people lose their purpose in life {click to tweet}. Then you are growing old and have too many regrets especially when people asks about your life.

People will continue asks until you can’t hear anymore their voices. But even if no one asks us, our heart still asks, our mind still wandering around, talking about the biggest question in the world … “WHAT IF”.

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We are not people who can see what future lies in front of us. So many people who looks like wouldn’t have regrets in their life die young, getting sick, divorce and all of those bad things happen to them.

In the mean time, people who doesn’t get luck as many as them live peacefully with some turbulence n their life, getting kick out of jobs, divorcee, getting sick, and also die young. Wait? It’s the same. What is the meaning of this??

Fates does whatever it does to people! Any sides of coins we choose or both, we can’t escape the fates. That’s why people will always asks too many questions! and in the end, we will always answer with struggle and determination until we can not hear their voices anymore.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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