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I love nights. I love the silence it brings. I wish I never see a daylight, because it’s when all the crazy thoughts, the stress, the urge, the rush of the day started. Being pushed from all over directions to make you stay in your path like a cow. Nights, on the other side, is

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Help Me I’m Too Scared!

I have never been a fan of scary thing! The fact that I have to control myself is a burden. I am excited to watch any scary movies, and most of them is only making people surprise. I think this will give me a heart attack sooner or later. It’s just so graphic, blood everywhere,

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Our Greatest Treasure!

Borobudur is one of Mahayana Buddhist Temple from Silendra Dynasty. It’s one of the biggest historical place which was built a very long time ago. It was one of my country’s heritage that is unknown how people from that era built it. Something that we can’t rebuilt is really make us wonder and amaze. This

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