I have never been a fan of scary thing! The fact that I have to control myself is a burden. I am excited to watch any scary movies, and most of them is only making people surprise.

I think this will give me a heart attack sooner or later. It’s just so graphic, blood everywhere, my hand being chopped and eaten by them. It’s total full cannibalism, brutal, and that’s not even close enough to what I experience.

I have been chasing around by my own wife, which turned to be some kind of “thing”, and also there is a psycho person who just don’t die. I chopped him, shot him, spit him, curse him, this guy JUST DO NOT DIE.

I mean this is hell! Beside all of the thrills I get, I also have to solve puzzles, but I promise to finish this until the end, and I only able to do it, like for 30 minutes or so.

The good thing is it has the beautiful song ever and it rings into your ear every time.

You know it’s just like some of the ghost story. If you heard a voice which seems near from you, it means the ghost is far away from you, but then you heard again the voice is fading away, then it has only one meaning, it sits ………………………. next to you.

In this game, you will never gonna get those signs, they will come to you, attacking you in silent, but the funny thing is that this game is combination of Exploration, a puzzle type of game to get out of Baker’s Family house, and Action-Thriller which lets you equipped with weapon ranges from knife to flamethrower.

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I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!