It looks like I stop blogging for quite some times, the reason behind that is Real Life. It interferes the blogging. Nothing special actually, just trying to do some business, real business not some advertising fee you got from blogging or any other unrealistic passive income.

If I have to choose and if I’m capable of doing both of them, I would do some passive income shit and not thinking about my bills anymore. The fact is the more I tried, I’m stuck in other people’s opinion and guide to success on passive income. Therefore, I quit.

So if i quit, then it means I’m doing great on day job? Not at all. I’m suck at it. It’s not because I’m not capable of doing it, it’s because the company and the environment sucks! Too much office politics! I only want to work, but them? They are fucking stupid monkey who just don’t give up on making other people’s reputation destroyed. They don’t give a fuck about other people’s feeling. They are just fucking animals!

2 months and I will be off to new place, far away from this sin city. I’m tired of this city where you can do anything you want, any sins you want, or any good deeds you want. I want to escape to an urban place so I can try to get married.

There’s so much about people I think about! I can’t put my 100% trust on them, but I’m tired not able to trust people. I want a family! I want my business is my family. I want my friends is my family. I want the citizen where I will be is my family. I don’t want make money and enjoy it by myself. I want to share it. I want to don’t think about money too much. I want a peaceful life where I can go anywhere, anytime without society constraint.

If I fail in this new business, I don’t have anywhere to go. I burn my day job ship in August and a lot of bills, so if I fail … I’m … I will suffering but I will get back up and try again. This time, I will never trust anyone except my close friend, Mr. A.

You really can’t know people unless you give them a lot of money in front of them, then you will see who they really are. This business has made me meet many new people, people who I never knew my entire life. I see their simplicity, their lackness but they are willing to accept me as I am today. My friends in this sin city told me that I’m stupid, worried about me if I get kicked out of the business.

Me, in other thought, I never think about the money first, I think about the freedom that money can give. Seriously, for a friend, I can lose 1 million dollar and feels nothing.

In the end of this post, I’m just gonna cheer for myself, for being able to trust new business and new people, for being able to step up, move on and burn my old ship, for my crazy bravery on taking new challenges in life, for taking mobile game and console game into a real life game, called “Business”. Cheers for you who dare to move on to new life and continue on that journey each and every single day!

Featured Image Credit :  l a n g g i on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND