Officially Gamer, Blogger, Entertainer is a title used for this blog with a sole purpose of sharing thoughts and reviews on interest things (but not limited) on Life, Games, and Entertainments.

Living for years in this planet has broaden my knowledge and thoughts, but I am a simple guy who has interests from simple entertainments (sports, party, gambling, investments, philosophy, money, and any other topics) and games (console gaming, mobile gaming, web gaming, offline gaming and any other game tools) to blogging.

Time is indeed precious, and it flies to places where you will never meet it again. No one can turns back time. What was in the past stayed in the past, what will be in the future remains locked, but whatever is here right now is something we can do about.

I recall so many times that life is not working as it should be. Disappointments, Betrayals, A Series of Unfortunate Events, it’s all there. Once in a lifetime, everyone will face any of them. And “what we do about it” is what really matter.

Despite how life taking you to, It is you who decided the actions. Do you want your freedom or simply a slave and not enjoying your life? Life is meant to be happy. You don’t seek for happiness, You create your happiness.

As long as your blood still inside, you can boil it to achieve anything in life. Whenever you see a door shut for you, and you can’t see the way out, you need to close your eyes and start kicking the door until it’s open. It’s the only way.