July, 2019

Blogging Vs Real Life!

May, 2019

They are Fucking Garbage!

August, 2018

His Name is LUCK!

June, 2018

How Can a Man Be a God?

May, 2018

Friends or Foes?

Life Is Not Linear or Even a Math To Solve!

February, 2018


January, 2018

People Ask Too Many Questions!

Who You Write For? To? Is It Worth To Do?

December, 2017

No Matter How Hard It Hit, Hit Back Harder!

November, 2017

My Thank You Page!

October, 2017

We Got the Brain, the Intention, but We Lack Determination!

August, 2017

Why People Act Negatively?! Are we at the end of the World?

June, 2017

When All Things Go South!

What if Things Don’t Work Out for You?!

May, 2017

Deep Condolences for Hurricane Irma’s Family and Victims, a reminder of Aceh’s Tsunamy!!

Simple Things I Don’t Know about Women!!

April, 2017

Lost in Topics!!

A Baby Step, Slow but Sure!