Why We Love Anime?

I remember all those Anime I watch on TVs back then in the 90s, among them are Doraemon, Ninja Hatori, and Dragon Ball, but the effect of them are coming only in our adult world, especially when an anime like Naruto came out.

When we were kids, we just watch some anime like that bluntly, not knowing that there are actually a gem philosophy behind every one of it. We just see them as anything that entertain us.

In fact, yes, we got entertained by all those cuteness, craziness, sadness, happiness. All of those feeling we get from watching anime. This is because we love stories, we love when people tell us about the stories of great heroes who ever live in the universe.

When most people love anime, there are quite many people who doesn’t share the same interest with others. They hate anime.

Few things why they hate anime :

  • They just hate it. They don’t find it attractive , nor appealing, moreover Western cartoons is much more amazing in graphics, style, and story rather than these Japanese cartoons. Well, I have a little disagreement with this, because I don’t quite like Popeye, and Donald Duck.
Popeye Sucks
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  • Anime is stereotypical. You will always see cute girls fall in love, cool guys acting tough, too much emotions, and anger. Well, that’s why we love it. How dare you not to fall in love with this?
Cute Anime
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  • “I don’t like anime, but I love hentai.” Even though, they don’t say they hate anime, but they surely don’t hate the form of anime. Hentai is the animated form of porn, so it’s a matter of preference when some people don’t enjoy anime, they enjoy hentai much more.
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There are few things, why people love Anime :

  • The Characters. People love to see a hero, a protagonist, who struggle in life and fight to reach their dream. It has a life in it. It even show us how to live our life. Of course all are based on the writters’ opinion, imagination, life principal, but when they put that thoughts into a character, our emotion is moving and understanding the way of a hero.
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  • The Main Story is the core of every Anime. A hero raised in a weak situation and become legend in the story. It gives us point of no return when we see how scenes in the story turn out to be. It was unexpected, it has a lot of power to make ourselves a hero in life.
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  • The Musics. It makes us motivated, it makes us remember the story. It is the thread of the story, and makes us a fan of it.
  • Did you ever see the BATTLE in an Anime? It is amazing, and very intense.

Naruto Shippuden Thumbnail Official

  • Did you see the environments in an Anime, the extraordinary scenes. It’s almost magical, yet calm.
Scenes Anime
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Unfortunately, Naruto episodes has already ended a long time ago. There are so many people become fans of Naruto for years. Anime, such as this is truly great. So, I still don’t get it why people really hate anime when there are legendary anime such as Naruto.

Give me your thoughts, peeps!

and the last …. 頑張ってください Ganbatte kudasai!


No Matter How Hard It Hit, Hit Back Harder!

That is life! That is just what you do in life, you hit harder. You experience, you accept, you plan, you hit back harder. People tend to look for happiness. Well, let me say to you, I found happiness already when I eat. I found it when I drive, I found it when I play games, I talk, I share, I think, I experience.

Think of life, day by day, as you swing you run towards the basket to score a dunk. You will get blocked at some times, the other run, you will score! Even if you can’t score a single dunk in a game. It’s just because you don’t plan, think, and practice enough. So after you lose, what you are going to do next is PLAN, PRACTICE, and FIGHT again.

A lot of names came up about people who doesn’t give up until the end, from a religious one, the Jesus, to someone you don’t even know exist Dashrath Manjhi. After his wife passed away because he can’t go to the doctor in time, because of the route circling the mountain, he decided to pave the path to the other village accross the mountain.

Manjhi’s effort will be worthless if he gives up, because no one except himself believe what he did is the absolute right to do. He doesn’t have anything, except PLAN, and he FIGHTS for it. Now, so many people enjoy his works.

Life doesn’t end when you end your life, life starts after you get back up again, get back up again, and get back up again. Life never disappoints, you disappoints yourself for giving up. Don’t compare yourself to other people’s suffering, you should help them! Not compare yourself to them! If their life harder than you, they suffer than you, WHAT’S the point of knowing that???

Give me your thoughts, peeps!

and the last …. 頑張ってください Ganbatte kudasai!

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Our Greatest Treasure!

Borobudur is one of Mahayana Buddhist Temple from Silendra Dynasty. It’s one of the biggest historical place which was built a very long time ago. It was one of my country’s heritage that is unknown how people from that era built it. Something that we can’t rebuilt is really make us wonder and amaze.

This place is the place for people to get away from our own desire to get us to an enlightenment. This place was found by English Regiment in 1814 under Sir Thomas Standford Raffles command.

There are few zones inside it:
Zone 1 called Kamadhatu. It contain of 160 relief which explain the Karmawibhangga Sutra, which is a cause and result law, it describe the bad nature of human, such as stealing, killing, rape, torture, and lies.

Zone 2 called Rupadhatu. It contain stone arts and buddha statue. In overall, there are 328 Buddha statues which also has its own craft. Due to Sanskrit manuscript, the this place has 1300 craft which are Gandhawyuha, Lalitawistara, Jataka, and Awadana. All lies along 2.5 km.

Zone 3 : Arupadhatu. It has three kind of curtain all focusing to the center or stupa which describing the awakening from the flesh world. There is no ornament or crafts in this part, which is kind of explaining that this place is at it’s highest purity. It has 72 stupa in overall, in the center of it, there’s an empty stupa which different from other stupa. Some says, it’s already empty at very beginning and did not function for anything.

In overall, there are 504 Buddha statues with a meditation position and other six different hand position alongside the Candi.

In 20th century restoration time, it was found two more Candi near Borobudur, which is Candi Pawon (1.1 km from Borobudur) and Candi Mendut (3km from Borobudur).

Even though, there is still unknown ritual and connection between the last mentioned Candis with Borobudur, those Candis including Borobudur has shaped the Waisak’s Festival which is held every year on full-moon, in April or May.

This Festival is the point to the signs Buddha Gautama’s birth and dead, also the enlightenment he has received.

I was wondering what will people from that era think when they see our buildings creation these days? Maybe we will always wonder and amaze to each other’s creation. Maybe we never stop and try to think how wonderful these architectural design are?

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Blind Side!

I always thought the hardest thing to do in life is acting? Being in front of cameras and recorded is something some will avoid it for the rest of their life. I remember back then, I was assigned as one of a character in a drama.

I won’t say I enjoy that much in acting, some of my moves were too weird and the written script also too cheesy, but same as many people, I love to see movies. If I were asked today, what movie that still clinging in my head, I would say “Blind Side”.

I have watched a lot of movies and genre in my life, but this movie always hanging in my head. Not because I experience what the movie character’s life is, but there are quite few moments, that I thought It’s unforgettable.

Mike is a sad poor boy with great strength. It’s unbelievable how things turn out to be so well, when a family adopt him. Michael Oher in real life is the American football offensive tackle. He played college football for the University of Mississippi, and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL.

In the end of the movie, looking at the real Oher, I am a little bit surprise since I don’t think any resemblance between how he behave and his character in the movie. Mike, in the movie, is strong and portrayed genuinely kind and doesn’t have strong presence as Oher in real life.

Other things I love about the movies are as follows :

  • Sandra Bullock perfectly play the Mom. How many of us asking for a stranger to come and stay in our house? That’s practically impossible to do that kind of act these days.
  • Mike was asked to take a family photo together for Christmas or we forget the moment when Leigh Ann mocked by her friends because of Mike when they are out for lunch together.
  • The moments when Mike prove himself worthy in football matches and become attention of so many clubs that wants to take him in.
  • The support of the whole family members is always gave me a chill. No family member asked “Why you took Mike in, Mom, Dad?”

This is the first motivational movie I ever watch, so that’s why I will never forget all those moments, when my heart was touched by those act of kindness.

I appreciate more this kind of movie rather than some stupid movies like Jackass! Jackass is really on another insane level. With a budget of $5 million, this movie can get revenue of $79,5 million, that’s just insane. Thank Goodness, the rating is 6.6/10.0. As I can say, Jackass movie is not acting, it’s just craziness goes live! {click to tweet}

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How Can a Man Be a God?

A person with objective. I want to be one, but it’s only in my head. The fact is I want my life flows as it is. I do what I like, I love what I do. I don’t want to carry any life burden. I don’t like to think what I should have become if I have persistence … no … a single objective in my life and perseverance to do that.

I would describe my self with something like No Plan, No Suffering, No Trouble, Nothing in the way between me and what I love to do. I will very angry if someone gets in the way between me and my daily life.

At some point I even think, if I got an accident, I would still prefer to go home to do my routine than going to a hospital. Well, after all, I did have a persistence to do things, unuseful one.

I was attracted to all motivational speakers like Tony Robbin, but in fact I am still suspicious to them even after seeing how successful they are. Anybody can be successful if they focus on one thing. I think all of us have the capability to do that, we are a superior creature.

Well, after all, we are one of a creation. A creation always limited by their nature. This is why I always can’t understand Buddhism, How can a man be a God? How can a man called Siddhartha Gautama able to pull out an enlightenment out of nothing? Suffering doesn’t make people’s character changes drastically. The understanding of it, makes people changes their way of life. I guess, that’s Buddhism!

Everybody said, you are the God of your own life! You are the one who decide your future! Only you and no one else! For me, that’s a way to enslave people’s thoughts from seeing the truth. Every day you go to work, you are not a free man. You are controlled by law, culture, social obedience. Definitely, you are not a God of yourself, if you don’t have an absolute free will to decide everything on your own.

I don’t know how many people understand this, but it’s just an absolute absurd way of life.


His Name is LUCK!

His name is LUCK, and he makes money

Luck was graduated from reputable university, and was working well in some companies, but Luck tired with these bullshit. Luck was undervalued by these bullshit companies, by these bullshit bosses, the corrupt, stupid people, bad culture, political plays.

And by every end of the month, how much money he get? USD 1,500 per month plus he need to waste his time doing works every long hour night when his boss slept with salary of USD 9,000. He was thinking like everybody else, graduated from university, taking good jobs, having wife and children, but its just not happening in his life

He blocks every thing called a good life style. When things gets better, Luck sabotages them with grudge and rebellion. He thinks that he just tired being ordered all around by bossy people. They have good heart, its just the jobs and all the deadlines shit makes their behavior worse.

Of course there are real bad ass people in works, but most of them are just getting pressured by the time. The time control their life. Its just the bullshit he can’t accept anymore.

Today, Luck get an interview invitation from Textile company, the HR email to 16 other people for 1 position. He just feel sad and losing any interest to work in a company, but the money pays the bill.

He thinks a lot of ways to make money, but none of it came easy as people say it is. He just paid people for ideas and not the real thing. He is still fighting without someone beside him  to support … girlfriend … wife … well fuck them.

People say there’s always a woman behind every man’s success, fuck it. Woman doesn’t determine success. They only cute, dogs too!

Luck only wants freedom, he doesn’t want money, time, or people told him to do anything.

You gain money , you lose money … whats the unexpected in that? {click to tweet} Fun is the only motivation for Luck to do things.


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Thoughts on YouTube New Policy!

Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators was posted on YouTube Creator Blog on January 16, 2018 that shakes a little bit of my world, but to think through of it, it really doesn’t affect me at all. Growing a YouTube channel is a hard thing to do, maybe it’s not for some people, but for many people it’s almost like a torture if only the purpose of creating a channel is monetization.

People should realize that YouTube is not the only place we can make money. At the beginning, YouTube is a place we can share our valuable videos (don’t matter how you define “valuable”). It’s the spirit of SHARING at first when we come to YouTube.

I remember the first time I try to make a channel on YouTube, my purpose is I want to share something but I also want to make some bucks. A lot of things crossed my minds, but in the end, the only thing I can be comfortable of is to share my gaming experiences. I don’t even know how to arrange a game review, I was just more of “flow with whatever I can think of during my game play”.

I am a shy guy, I don’t want to put my face on videos, not even my voices, but I came across one of YouTube policy state that I can’t make monetization on any of my videos if it has nothing educational or guidance, merely gameplay can’t be monetized. The positive thing is finally I’m able to brought up myself to put my voices on my gameplay, now It’s a natural for me to make videos.

The only thing that I can learn from YouTube is CONFIDENCE. I surely not good enough to get much views, but I manage to challenge myself to do My Impossible. Now, YouTube ask me to get 4000 watching hours and 1000 subscribers. I give up on YouTube monetization, I can’t do it. The point is I am not a full-time YouTuber. I am just someone who upload videos and hope that everybody watch them, like them.

YouTube new policy trigger some thoughts in my head :

  1. They do not want to show ads on small YouTube Channels which really giving no positive result on the advertiser’s side (no clicks, not enough interesting videos that make viewers keep watching until the end –> it affects the possibility of ads getting seen in-between the video)
  2. Their claim to better protect creator is a bulls***. Do they increase payments of ads showing in the “Effective Creators”? or simply make the “Effective Creators” richer? I really doubt that. I think it’s just the way they decrease their cost and  also make better standing in front of their advertiser. It’s a reputation to uphold kind of crap.

Conclusion, if you still love to share whatever videos you have and love to challenge yourself to better present something well, YouTube is one of a good place to learn, but if monetization is your goal, then look around, you might found that the grass is greener on the other side. Or we can support each other by watching their videos.

YT New Policy
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Tell me what do you think about this and thanks for reading!


Your Degree is No Longer Required!

I stumble into an article from womensarticle.com that some degrees will be put to an extinction and one of them is Accounting. I was kind of offended since it’s my profession. So it said, “basically if a Quickbooks can do it, you don’t really need your accountant” Any people with the same profession would laugh so hard at it!

So I was thinking, do you think that accounting is only about recording financial transactions? That would be too underestimate of the accountant’s profession!

Photo on Visual Hunt

Then it said that “the changing course of this career requires less number crunching and more insight, and another good alternative to this degree is finance, where you can be dynamic in your career“. Let me tell you simple thing about accounting, Quickbooks doesn’t tell your boss what’s happen with the numbers, what could go wrong, what could be done to improve, and so much others.

If you only see one point of accounting application system, you basically neglecting the power of analysis. What we can do with Quickbooks is like what coding looks like? You input the logic into a programming language and it produces a result. You can run an accounting application system with journal’s logic in it and it will automatic result but it stops there. The result has to be interpreted to people so they understand.

Another thing, not many companies could afford good accounting application system. It always different from one company to another company, talking about the size of it, the transactions number, the cost and benefit perspective, and in what country your accounting’s work is.

Unless, software’s company provide companies with cheap sophisticated accounting application system that integrated from front to end, it will still need more decades for accounting degree to be thrown away like garbage.

There’s also a tendency to marry two profession IT and Accounting to one profession, which could be pretty much awesome, but still you need the accounting degree as a proof of your credibility in the accounting area.

The only thing I agree from that article is the career dynamic of finance. It’s true in the real world, because you can’t automate the finance in greater scope than the accounting. It needs a lot of thought because it affects the survivability of  all companies.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Thank you.

Who Care If Money is the Root of Evil?

It’s hard to see people you love don’t have anything great on them, while you have so many things on you. They don’t know the technology of the day, trapped in the past and not seeing the future. I view money as something that could put a smile on somebody if you use it right.

So I just purchase some mobile phones for my parents. Boom! They have the future gadget. Now, I have to teach them the power of SWIPE, the definition of APPLICATION, the meaning of INSTALL.

It’s 1 AM already, I’m already in my bed but I still able to hear them talking, debating who is better understanding these new things, I only able to keep smiling to it.

In this case, money is the root of happiness. The same night, earlier hours later, I visit my church teacher and exchanging life views which now totally different from me and her. “Angsle” is the food that makes me able to share, so I give some money to her kid and tell her to run buy us this “angsle” and i don’t expect a change if any from the money I give to her. That surely put a smile on her face, and put one thank you in my share bag.

The next day, I met my elementary school’s friends and talking from A to Z, going to share with them some help, but It’s not easy, they are in trouble and I don’t want to offend them at all by giving some help, so I notice that they have these PS 2, so I challenge them Winning Eleven and bet some money if they can win against me.

Winning Eleven
Winning Eleven

Did I lose? Yes. Did I fake it? Maybe. Maybe it’s just that I’m not used to it, but anyway what matter is they win their way, and I “LOSE” money to them, and it feels great!

This feeling is awesome and you don’t need to have meditation along to give you peace. Share and share more, then you will have peace! {click to tweet}.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Thank you.


How Lovely They Are!

Training dog is hard work to do but there are few steps to make them understand you. The only thing I knew about dog few years ago is obtain them from one of dog breeder in town, we start with a puppy, take care of them, giving them something to eat, and play with them.

Just looking at how playful they are, really giving me a refreshment, besides they are so lovely when they do stupid things. Who doesn’t love dogs? Me and my boo does.

But of course we avoid wild dog, few years back I have been chasing by a big dog when I am walking down an alley from school. I am young, at my best performance, and a good climber. So when it chased me I run back and try to find a tree (this idea is from African movie when someone chased by a lion LoL). FOUND ONE! But it take 1 hour until it went away.

I better stay there at a tree rather than bitten by this sick wild dog. Few days later, someone killed the dog. It’s bad thing to do, but some people don’t tolerate threat and people don’t have enough information how to handle things like that.

My strategy to train my dog is pretty much simple, but if it’s hard to train your specific dog, it’s maybe the best to take class for that and check this Dog Training Tutor.

dog training tutor.jpg

Kobie has always been a dog man. A native of Australia moved to the United States at age 11, where he worked first as a kennel hand and later as a dog trainer. Over the years he developed and refined what he saw as the most effective methods for dog obedience training. The Dog Training Tutor marks his debut dog training guide.

Make Them Sit
This is the basic step for you to communicate with your dog, so it’s definitely a good one to start with. I usually hold a stick/treat or anything (it doesn’t matter but be sure that it’s the one it put their attention to) close to my dog’s nose, then I move up so his/her head follow my stick and automatically he lower his bottom. Once he in the sit position, I say “SIT” loudly and give him the stick. Then I repeat for few times until he understand this kind of command.

Make Them Come
To do this, I take a collar on my dog, sit down, and say “COME” while me pulling the collar towards me. Then when he go to your side, give him a treat. It’s not easy to do, sometimes, they just go the other way, but after couple of times trying, I manage to do this.

Other than those two commands, there are actually some other difficult commands like make them down, stay, and leave it command. But, as long as my concern I am still happy to get those two command to my dog. I rather leave my boo to teach them other commands since it’s practically hard to do.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Thank you.