How Can a Man Be a God?

A person with objective. I want to be one, but it’s only in my head. The fact is I want my life flows as it is. I do what I like, I love what I do. I don’t want to carry any life burden. I don’t like to think what I should have become if I have persistence … no … a single objective in my life and perseverance to do that.

I would describe my self with something like No Plan, No Suffering, No Trouble, Nothing in the way between me and what I love to do. I will very angry if someone gets in the way between me and my daily life.

At some point I even think, if I got an accident, I would still prefer to go home to do my routine than going to a hospital. Well, after all, I did have a persistence to do things, unuseful one.

I was attracted to all motivational speakers like Tony Robbin, but in fact I am still suspicious to them even after seeing how successful they are. Anybody can be successful if they focus on one thing. I think all of us have the capability to do that, we are a superior creature.

Well, after all, we are one of a creation. A creation always limited by their nature. This is why I always can’t understand Buddhism, How can a man be a God? How can a man called Siddhartha Gautama able to pull out an enlightenment out of nothing? Suffering doesn’t make people’s character changes drastically. The understanding of it, makes people changes their way of life. I guess, that’s Buddhism!

Everybody said, you are the God of your own life! You are the one who decide your future! Only you and no one else! For me, that’s a way to enslave people’s thoughts from seeing the truth. Every day you go to work, you are not a free man. You are controlled by law, culture, social obedience. Definitely, you are not a God of yourself, if you don’t have an absolute free will to decide everything on your own.

I don’t know how many people understand this, but it’s just an absolute absurd way of life.



His Name is LUCK!

His name is LUCK, and he makes money

Luck was graduated from reputable university, and was working well in some companies, but Luck tired with these bullshit. Luck was undervalued by these bullshit companies, by these bullshit bosses, the corrupt, stupid people, bad culture, political plays.

And by every end of the month, how much money he get? USD 1,500 per month plus he need to waste his time doing works every long hour night when his boss slept with salary of USD 9,000. He was thinking like everybody else, graduated from university, taking good jobs, having wife and children, but its just not happening in his life

He blocks every thing called a good life style. When things gets better, Luck sabotages them with grudge and rebellion. He thinks that he just tired being ordered all around by bossy people. They have good heart, its just the jobs and all the deadlines shit makes their behavior worse.

Of course there are real bad ass people in works, but most of them are just getting pressured by the time. The time control their life. Its just the bullshit he can’t accept anymore.

Today, Luck get an interview invitation from Textile company, the HR email to 16 other people for 1 position. He just feel sad and losing any interest to work in a company, but the money pays the bill.

He thinks a lot of ways to make money, but none of it came easy as people say it is. He just paid people for ideas and not the real thing. He is still fighting without someone beside him  to support … girlfriend … wife … well fuck them.

People say there’s always a woman behind every man’s success, fuck it. Woman doesn’t determine success. They only cute, dogs too!

Luck only wants freedom, he doesn’t want money, time, or people told him to do anything.

You gain money , you lose money … whats the unexpected in that? {click to tweet} Fun is the only motivation for Luck to do things.

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Thoughts on YouTube New Policy!

Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators was posted on YouTube Creator Blog on January 16, 2018 that shakes a little bit of my world, but to think through of it, it really doesn’t affect me at all. Growing a YouTube channel is a hard thing to do, maybe it’s not for some people, but for many people it’s almost like a torture if only the purpose of creating a channel is monetization.

People should realize that YouTube is not the only place we can make money. At the beginning, YouTube is a place we can share our valuable videos (don’t matter how you define “valuable”). It’s the spirit of SHARING at first when we come to YouTube.

I remember the first time I try to make a channel on YouTube, my purpose is I want to share something but I also want to make some bucks. A lot of things crossed my minds, but in the end, the only thing I can be comfortable of is to share my gaming experiences. I don’t even know how to arrange a game review, I was just more of “flow with whatever I can think of during my game play”.

I am a shy guy, I don’t want to put my face on videos, not even my voices, but I came across one of YouTube policy state that I can’t make monetization on any of my videos if it has nothing educational or guidance, merely gameplay can’t be monetized. The positive thing is finally I’m able to brought up myself to put my voices on my gameplay, now It’s a natural for me to make videos.

The only thing that I can learn from YouTube is CONFIDENCE. I surely not good enough to get much views, but I manage to challenge myself to do My Impossible. Now, YouTube ask me to get 4000 watching hours and 1000 subscribers. I give up on YouTube monetization, I can’t do it. The point is I am not a full-time YouTuber. I am just someone who upload videos and hope that everybody watch them, like them.

YouTube new policy trigger some thoughts in my head :

  1. They do not want to show ads on small YouTube Channels which really giving no positive result on the advertiser’s side (no clicks, not enough interesting videos that make viewers keep watching until the end –> it affects the possibility of ads getting seen in-between the video)
  2. Their claim to better protect creator is a bulls***. Do they increase payments of ads showing in the “Effective Creators”? or simply make the “Effective Creators” richer? I really doubt that. I think it’s just the way they decrease their cost and  also make better standing in front of their advertiser. It’s a reputation to uphold kind of crap.

Conclusion, if you still love to share whatever videos you have and love to challenge yourself to better present something well, YouTube is one of a good place to learn, but if monetization is your goal, then look around, you might found that the grass is greener on the other side. Or we can support each other by watching their videos.

YT New Policy
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Tell me what do you think about this and thanks for reading!



Wartune Game Review

Wartune is a most-addictive massive multi-player online role playing game web game I ever play. There’s so many interactive feature in the game itself.

You will be starting as 1 of 3 characters; which are Mage, Knight or Archer, and choose your gender if you must. After that you will be just following game guidance by a beautiful woman and the rest is history.

Just be careful, this games need most of your time. You will need at least 6 hours to complete all daily quest, but if you run daily quest with your other dedicated friends, it will be much easier.Other than that, most people are “BALENER”.

Its actually normal when you see some PPL (player) sends 9999 flowers or other items to other players which cost over USD 100, just to get a TITLE or in real life is attracted to the specific PPL and want to impress the lady in the game.

In-game purchases with attractive rewards is always there and increasing number and variety to get you getting higher BR (battle rating). Well, I was one of those BALENER. Anyway, its over now.

I do not know if i’m the only one addicted to this game, but so many players do the same as me. This is one of curses of gamers i think.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Wartune below!!

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PES Club Manager Game Review

Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager, or we can call it PESCM is a club management game which has been downloaded by more than 20 million users around the world. Other features are, the team data is using 2016/17 real season plays.

It has different languages also that you can change. There is also 3D graphic when playing this game or you can just go score by score game, but you can’t skip the game.

In this game, you will face different seasons, and also CUPS, and all about this game is building your stadium, purchase, selling, retiring players. Yes, your players will age, no matter you bought them with real money in the store.

When it comes to the play itself, here are my suggestions :

  1. Everybody buy player here, this is definitely a pay to play, but well you can get low free players from the scout system.
  2. Change the strategy during the play
  3. Always do the player training and focus on teamwork, because in the end its automatic playing so to make good use of AI control then make ur teamwork good.
  4. Make sure to upgrade all building to get better revenue and check your finance balance or you will end up defisit in the end of a season.
  5. Retiring your old or ineffective players after getting them in Hall of Fame, that can gives you boost or even you can sell them on a high price.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on PESCM below!!

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Chaos Chronicle Game Review

Chaos Chronicle is a mobile MMORPG which has many heroes collection and game modes. Starting from Grey to Purple heroes that indicate the rarity with different stars’ status that indicate how extent is the upgrade for those heroes.

In this game you can create your team strategically with combination of those heroes, and on top of that also equipping heroes with best gear is a must resulting in easy sweep on every level.

This game has various modes when it comes to the battle. Adventure brings you standard campaign which able to give you gold, equip and heroes.

PVP bring you the thrill of climbing ranks, including PVP brawl and Guild Battle. Raids on bosses gives you rare items. And also there are dungeons, like Manatech Tower, Daily Dungeon, Gloran Palace Coliseum.

Put always the best gear on your best heroes, just be warn that heroes has different stats: the strength and the weakness which combined in elemental factor.

Here are my suggestion when playing this game :

  • Level up hero with the same elemental heroes, it will give you better exp synthesis.
  • Max your stats when a hero level up, also look for enhancement crest and where to get them in the campaign.
  • Clear up the missions everyday and use item to get more gold, equip/crest or heroes in campaign that state the specific title “gold”, “equip” and “heroes” so you can gain more rather than equipping the items in level that does not state 3 of those.
  • Use tickets to sweep many times on a level which you need items to enhance your gear or heroes. Nexon are generous of giving these tickets.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Chaos Chronicle below!!

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Castle TD Game Review

Castle TD is a strategy castle defense game which I think worth to play due to the simplicity in this game. You will start with 3 warriors character, a Wizard which has great skill, a Paladin which has high HP (hit points) and a Barbarian which has high damage.

The game itself has 4 different type of area : Normal, Hard, Mission, and Endless. You will begin at Normal area and after finishing normal area, you can proceeds to other 3 areas. Don’t worry if you are losing in a level, this game give you the opportunity to restart a wave by letting you to watch an ad.

They also allow you to watch ads and rewards you with crystals, the only item you needed to upgrade everything in the game.There area 4 props that can boost attacking, just be sure when to use them. 4 basic towers that can be upgraded to 8 levels which is very satisfying.

Beside that all 15 maps with awesome graphic, 15 levels mission, and you can also do the arena mode to play against players all over the world.Here are my suggestion when it come to play the game itself :

  • Buy the crystal! You can get 48,000 crystals for USD 4.99 *on discount event.
  • Always check on Free Crystal over for watching ads.
  • Use your mana strategically, only use it when you had a high chance to kill massive enemies in one shot, meaning dropping whatever props to orc with healers in the horde is not a nice move, unless you are confident enough to kill the healers there.
  • Place the slow tower strategically.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Castle TD below!!

Castle TD Win.png


Blades of Brim Game Review

BLADES OF BRIM is the most exciting runner game I have ever play. The first runner game I ever play is Temple Runner, then Subway Surfer. Both are great but I like this one better because of its simplicity and awesome graphic. It has various 8 heroes, many weapons, pets, armor and of course the power ups to increase different boosts and higher score bonus.

Max level of BRIM is level 30 which gives you 1200% score bonus affects, max heroes gets you 80%, max weapons gets you 416%, max armor gets you 535%, and max pets will gives you 110%. So currently in total you will have 2341% score bonus affects which is pretty great score bonus.

In addition to those bonus, level 30 is not necessarily the end game, because you are able to get Epic Chest as the reward if you complete 50 quests, and it might continue to another level with many quests also. Be noted that Epic Chests is worth 30,000 coins if you need to buy it from store and it guaranteed Epic Weapon, Pets or Armor which is not easy to get.

You might win Dragon-alike Pet which cost you 2,400 essences or $20-30.This games has 2 currencies, which is coins and essences, coin is merely to upgrade power ups, weapons and to buy chests on store. Coin is easy to get, but essence, you might not have the patient to wait for it.

Well, you can always buy essence from store with real money. Worth it or not, it depends on your sense of satisfaction … XD. In a matter of playing the game itself, here are my suggestions :

  • Always try to do combo hits and using weapon that double your combo, namely Solar.
  • Be aware of events, and always do the events to get free stuffs. Some even requests seems impossible to get at designated time but it’s all up to you how many hours you want to get free stuffs.
  • Check on the free box you get in every 4 hours.
  • Make sure to use to connect with your friends so it will gives you motivation to do better to reach higher scores.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Blades of Brim below!!

Brim Play


DomiNations Vs Samurai Siege Game Review

SAMURAI SIEGE is a highly addictive combat Strategy adventure with over 3 million players worldwide. To put it simply, Samurai Siege is about building base and attacking other castles, similar to clash of clan, castle clash and many others.

Building the base will need so much time while you do not get much resources, and the attacks on your castle will go on and on. This is happened mostly to not serious player, but if you focus on this game, waiting for resources, shield your castle and battle many, you will succeed to has higher castle with sophisticated defense and troops.

Free players and Money players are always be there in this type of games, also some cheaters to get more resources without battle. You can lead an army of highly-trained Samurai, Ninjas, “Beasts” to defeated players.

Some high players’ defense seems impossible to destroy, but its all about tactic, placement and focus. What best to destroy some defense might not work if you do not pay attention to the traps, blank space, and guardians.

In overall, its fun multiplayer combat strategy game.

My suggestion for this kind of game is

  1. Increasing the resource and be active in alliance battle since it’s source of abundant resources.
  2. When it came to attacking player, always look for a blind spot that not covered by many defenses, be careful it can be a trap.

Meanwhile, dominations is a strategy game of conquest along with exploration and advancement through civilization. Pick any Nation (British, Chinese, French, Germans, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans, or Romans) you want and lead them to victories from a simple Stone Age until a Space Age.

Unlike Samurai Siege or Clash of Clan, I prefer this game just because of the players attacking my base is not so often like in SS or COC. In those last mention, if you idle for a few minutes, once you get back in the game, what you see first is attack history, and its so often, and you lose so many resources and make a new player give up immediately.

In Dominations, I can even go for days, and when i get back in, there are only few attacks. There are Two battle modes, which are campaign and multiplayer. Campaign is great to experiment with attack strategy, it gives rewards but not in significant amount.

Meanwhile Multiplayer is the mode you want to get into many times. If you pick right, you can loot so many resources just from one player.There is a store in the game which give you access to buy crowns or resources (gold, food, and oil) which is very significant to upgrade your Academy, Troops. and Tactics.

The army itself very different with every other nations and it’s your choice to make.Beside that, the store also consist of “Economy” tab which you can build your base foundation such as House, Roads, Mills, Farm, etc. “Defense” tab provide you with Tower, Catapult, Garrison, Stable , etc. “Army” tab provide you with Factory, Mercenary Camp, Barrack, Blacksmith, etc. While “Wonders” tab gives you the chance to build one Wonder which gives you different boosts on the nation you build.

It can range from Attacker boost, Food boost, Army boost, etc.This game is practically easy and addicted since you can have easy resource and build your advance civilization. Currently, I am at level 107 and there is experience points that increase in line with your any upgrade on the base and attacking other bases.

Here are my suggestion when it come playing the game :

  1. Increase your food and gold production in the beginning. It will be pay-off in later game.Focus on attacking multiplayer with abundant resources, it’s all right if you lose, just get the resources fast, and focus the resources on upgrading army.
  2. Level up the other upgrade that cut down process, and always bring your General to battle to give you leverage.
  3. Join alliance because there is strength in number. If you find yourself difficult to find players with abundant resources, lower your medal ranks.
  4. Let the heavy units go right into the hardest defense and let archers to begin looting, simply put distraction to the enemy’s heavy units.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Both Samurai Siege and Dominations below!!

samurai siege cover


Sword Art Online : Hollow Realization Game Review

Hollow Realization is the 3rd series of Sword Art Online, which was developed by Aquria and published by Bandai Namco in Japan on October 2017, and the following months in other countries. The first series of Sword Art Online is Hollow Fragment which then followed by Lost Song.

The Protagonist in this video game is Kirito where in the beginning meeting an NPC and receive messages. Reki Kawahara as the creator of Sword Art Online has been supervised the making of these series, including the original story telling. This game is the massive expansive world with multiplayer mode, and 16 character teams, which gets you through fierce battles with monster bosses.

The main game in Hollow Realization is named Warriors of the Sky. After completing the main game, you can proceed with the season pass DLCs which is Abyss of the Shrine Maiden.

This will include 2 chapters :

Chapter 1 : Explorer of Illusory Mists. What’s NEW here? You will travel to Vulcanus Citadel and explore new areas, level caps will raised to 100, and you will be able to acquire new high ranks skill with Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, and Premiere by completing the new heroine quests.

Chapter 2: Tuner of Causality. There will be addition of Kizumel and Argo’s co-sleeping events. Here you will have fuse and astral to even increase your character’s stats.

It is my suggestion to buy the Season Pass, which definitely will give you boost on any characters you create.

There’s definitely a large amount of quests or redundant quests, and all these quests will, makes your characters grows stronger. It’s seriously small grows over time but it’s still fun to do ^.^. Well, but the good news is that they publisher actually provides you with Instant Level 80 character, which is come in handy defeating all these monsters.

Gamers can always roaming around the world but just doing the story would be great to progress because there’s actually a lot of things will be revealed in the DLCs. I think I’m pretty much enjoy this game, well the sad thing maybe just for me, in the beginning of the game when I choose the female character instead of Kirito, the voice still the male Kirito.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Sword Art Online : Hollow Realization below!!