Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 2

14th July 2017 1 By CS Commerce

There are a lot of works in our world today, but not every works generate money.

  1. Affiliate Marketing. It probably works, but surely it depends on how good your marketing performance on the products. Suggested web : ClickBank & Amazon.com. Conclusion : once again, you need to build a list of customers and it takes a lot of work, so it might not be the best choice to generate quick money.
  2. Mobile phone recycle. Basically, you sell your unused phone for money. Conclusion : It is a quick money, but if you can sell used phone, you might probably work together with suppliers and sell new phones yourself.
  3. Become a ClickWorker. It ranges from data-entry, web form-filling, and you will be paid in cash by doing it. Suggested web : ClickWorker.com. Conclusion : You will have to compete with hundreds of people having the same skill set as you, that’s gonna be difficult to shine, but if you do, it’s definitely can give provide you with quick money. Just do the job and few days, they will transfer you the money.
  4. Claim Tax Back. It’s not applicable in some countries. Conclusion : each countries has different products and you can try to get money from those products such as pension fund which you can withdraw earlier, it depends on each country’s policy.
  5. Get cashback from shopping. Shopping will get you discounts, cash back, but it’s not much. Conclusion : it will give you lower price on products, and you can gain small cash so it’s definitely quick money.
  6. A part-time Job. As I said earlier, there are a lot of works today, choose among hundreds that can give you quick money and suits your character. Conclusion : part-time job is very easy and practical things you can do so it’s definitely quick money.
  7. Gigs on Fiverr. You can sell your skills in Fiverr from presentation skill to create animation videos, only if you have the skills and know how to wrap that up in good marketing videos. Conclusion : depends on how you present yourself, you can get quick money here.
  8. Review Musics from money. It’s literally as it says, but reviewing music is limited job in certain countries. Suggested web : Slicethepie. Conclusion : It is quick money if you are able to access the website.
  9. Selling Notes. If you are at universities, high school or any educational institutions, you can sell your notes on different topics from your classes and get paid. You can get as low as $3 per note, so sell 10 notes, you will get $30. Conclusion : people literally sell their notes and get paid so it’s a quick money, but let’s be frank, how many notes can you sell?
  10. Sell second-hand books. All the books you don’t read anymore, you can sell it at cheap price. Conclusion : It won’t give you much money, but still a quick money if you can sell one.

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