Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 3

21st July 2017 1 By CS Commerce

Have you ever been failed in businesses? or got fired? or for any reasons that matters to you, you submit your resignation letter to your company? All of these impact your financial life, and life can be hurtful, unless you find a way to get back up instantly, you might need to do anything to earn money.

  1. Go to the Television Competition Shows, such as BeastMaster, Deal or No Deal, and get free money from it if you can win. Conclusion : it’s not guaranteed win, but still if you manage to win it, the prize is quite awesome.
  2. Buy and Sell Domains Names. How many times we are looking for domain and it’s been already taken? People bought those domains already and sell it on very high price. Conclusion : if you can predict what keywords will be high demand on the market, then you might gain a lot, but since it need time so it’s not quick money.
  3. Mystery Shopping. Company can hire you to observe how their company’s service effectiveness. Suggested web : Roamler. Conclusion : since Roamler can’t be accessed from certain countries so it’s not fall into the quick money criteria.
  4. Become an extra in movies. Movie producer usually recruit people just to become a cameo or extra in their movie, it doesn’t pay much but still worth to try. Conclusion : this might get you quick money depends on your casting.
  5. Selling old CDs, Games, and Movies. Old or unused assets is always worth to sell, but won’t give you the original price. Conclusion : it will give you quick money right away, if you can find buyers.
  6. Sell on your education. You can become tutor online or offline. Web like udemy.com can become your platform to teach people and selling your knowledge. Conclusion : everyone has knowledge but not everyone can clearly communicate their ideas and teach people, but it’s worth to try and you will gain much money from your knowledge selling.
  7. Selling photos. If you like photography and you can shoot really good, it worth try to sell them in Fotolia or IstockPhoto. Conclusion : if you are good at it, you can gain quick money from selling it.
  8. Rent out Car Parking Space. If you own apartment park facility, but you don’t use it, you can just rent them out to other tenants. Conclusion : it’s definitely falls into quick money criteria.
  9. Lending your friends, neighbour your money with specific interests. Conclusion : if they pay, then it’s a quick money, but if not it will be your loss.
  10. Work in charity. It’s a charity, guys, what do you expect, well they still gonna pay you for your service. Conclusion : since the payment is fixed, it’s still a way to gain quick money.

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