3on3 Freestyle Asia Review

3on3 Freestyle is a street basketball game comes to life in PS4 platform. It is to my experience is one of the most exciting and competitive street basketball game. You can pick several players from the pool of custom-designed characters. In the beginning of the game some characters already unlocked but there are still few characters that need further playing in the game to unlock them. This game involves 2 different type of playing style game which is 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3.

In 1vs1, you can control a character of your choice along with 2 others characters that controlled by the Artificial Intelligence of the game. Meanwhile in 3vs3, you still control a character of your choice, but the different is you will play with 5 completely strangers through online algorithm match. Since its a strategy game, you need to know when to pass the ball and who or how to make points, the challenge is there.

You can increase each level and skills of the characters depends on what style are you gonna play the game. Slamdunk style or 3 point-shoot style. Other feature of the game are Jobs and Shops. Joycity allow you to make in-game cash to buy accessories, items that needed to better the characters, but of course as far as we see the game as free game, meaning you don’t have to buy to play it, they still providing you the opportunity to buy in-game coins to purchase all the necessary things outside the core gameplay.

Here are the summary of the game features :

  1. Wins points needed to unlock and upgrade the characters’ abilities.
  2. Substitution players is allowed during time out, meaning you can choose other character to play if the game disadvantage you. Its more of making new strategy to flip up the situation.
  3. Local co-op allows three gamers to form a team and challenge players from around the world.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

Check out my video on 3on3 Freestyle below!!

3on3 Freestyle Asia cover


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