10 Seconds Ninja X Review

10 SECOND NINJA is utterly hardcore game that needs strategy and finger god to complete all levels. I will never get used to it, this kind of game can be annoying for many players but only for mediocre player such as me … ^.^ The concept of 10 SECOND NINJA quite simple : finish-off the enemies in 10 seconds. It’s simple yet frustrating due to many obstacles and need precise jump and no second chance of failed move or mistake.

It’s a matter of second, it can blast the result to a total failure. Even if you know every steps, or jumps needed to make a way to the finish line, when your fingers could not compete with your plan, it means failure. I tried so many times to plan it but literally its the speed you need to complete a level.

The last time I experience this difficulty is when playing mini game in PERSONA 5 that need you to make “witty” turn with left button stick. But, well I need the trophy for completing all video games in PERSONA 5 so failure is not a choice anymore, made it after 1 hour exhausting my fingers.

And if you think about getting Trophy in 10 SECOND NINJA, think again! To even get 3 stars in a level is a hell coming to town, you have to complete 100 levels of 3 stars.

1 star. Again. 1 star. Again. 2 stars! Again. Back to 1 star. DAMN IT. Again…

It’s free if you are PS Plus Member. Ninjas are cool, that’s what i thought at first but a smile become a grunt after playing the game.

This game in my opinion is best play with friends, challenging them to in each level and looking at them frustrated is a piece of satisfaction … LoL.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

Check out my video on 10 Second Ninja below!!

10 Second Ninja X cover


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