Why We Love Anime?

I remember all those Anime I watch on TVs back then in the 90s, among them are Doraemon, Ninja Hatori, and Dragon Ball, but the effect of them are coming only in our adult world, especially when an anime like Naruto came out.

When we were kids, we just watch some anime like that bluntly, not knowing that there are actually a gem philosophy behind every one of it. We just see them as anything that entertain us.

In fact, yes, we got entertained by all those cuteness, craziness, sadness, happiness. All of those feeling we get from watching anime. This is because we love stories, we love when people tell us about the stories of great heroes who ever live in the universe.

When most people love anime, there are quite many people who doesn’t share the same interest with others. They hate anime.

Few things why they hate anime :

  • They just hate it. They don’t find it attractive , nor appealing, moreover Western cartoons is much more amazing in graphics, style, and story rather than these Japanese cartoons. Well, I have a little disagreement with this, because I don’t quite like Popeye, and Donald Duck.
Popeye Sucks
Photo Credit : Pinterest.com
  • Anime is stereotypical. You will always see cute girls fall in love, cool guys acting tough, too much emotions, and anger. Well, that’s why we love it. How dare you not to fall in love with this?
Cute Anime
Photo credit: wata1219 on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA
  • “I don’t like anime, but I love hentai.” Even though, they don’t say they hate anime, but they surely don’t hate the form of anime. Hentai is the animated form of porn, so it’s a matter of preference when some people don’t enjoy anime, they enjoy hentai much more.
Photo credit: Lo Snupo on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

There are few things, why people love Anime :

  • The Characters. People love to see a hero, a protagonist, who struggle in life and fight to reach their dream. It has a life in it. It even show us how to live our life. Of course all are based on the writters’ opinion, imagination, life principal, but when they put that thoughts into a character, our emotion is moving and understanding the way of a hero.
Photo credit: cocamert on Visual Hunt / CC BY
  • The Main Story is the core of every Anime. A hero raised in a weak situation and become legend in the story. It gives us point of no return when we see how scenes in the story turn out to be. It was unexpected, it has a lot of power to make ourselves a hero in life.
Photo credit: lyk3_0n3_tym3 on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND
  • The Musics. It makes us motivated, it makes us remember the story. It is the thread of the story, and makes us a fan of it.
  • Did you ever see the BATTLE in an Anime? It is amazing, and very intense.

Naruto Shippuden Thumbnail Official

  • Did you see the environments in an Anime, the extraordinary scenes. It’s almost magical, yet calm.
Scenes Anime
Photo credit: K-putt on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC

Unfortunately, Naruto episodes has already ended a long time ago. There are so many people become fans of Naruto for years. Anime, such as this is truly great. So, I still don’t get it why people really hate anime when there are legendary anime such as Naruto.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image : Free Image Website


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