Wartune Game Review

Wartune is a most-addictive massive multi-player online role playing game web game I ever play. There’s so many interactive feature in the game itself.

You will be starting as 1 of 3 characters; which are Mage, Knight or Archer, and choose your gender if you must. After that you will be just following game guidance by a beautiful woman and the rest is history.

Just be careful, this games need most of your time. You will need at least 6 hours to complete all daily quest, but if you run daily quest with your other dedicated friends, it will be much easier.Other than that, most people are “BALENER”.

Its actually normal when you see some PPL (player) sends 9999 flowers or other items to other players which cost over USD 100, just to get a TITLE or in real life is attracted to the specific PPL and want to impress the lady in the game.

In-game purchases with attractive rewards is always there and increasing number and variety to get you getting higher BR (battle rating). Well, I was one of those BALENER. Anyway, its over now.

I do not know if i’m the only one addicted to this game, but so many players do the same as me. This is one of curses of gamers i think.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment below.

Check out my gameplay on Wartune below!!

Wartune Thumbnail Official


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