How to Beat Nightmare Players in Guns Up!

Like its name, Guns Up is a weaponized military “little guy” strategy game in PS4 platform. It’s another FTP (free-to-play) game if you are a PS Plus member. In simple words, this game is about building and strengthening your base, develop your army, defending your base, and attacking other player bases. If you win you… Continue reading How to Beat Nightmare Players in Guns Up!


Alienation Die Hard Solo Mission!

The First Alien game I ever play is Alien Shooter on PC few years ago. It has its simplicity and only 2 characters with equipped weapon ranges from a pistol until fire shooter. I think Alien Shooter is great already until I meet Alienation. Housemarque developed this shooter RPG game and finally releases in April… Continue reading Alienation Die Hard Solo Mission!


Why We Love Anime?

I remember all those Anime I watch on TVs back then in the 90s, among them are Doraemon, Ninja Hatori, and Dragon Ball, but the effect of them are coming only in our adult world, especially when an anime like Naruto came out. When we were kids, we just watch some anime like that bluntly,… Continue reading Why We Love Anime?


Total Conquest : Should We Play?

So What is This Game? This game is not far from what we have experienced in Clash of Clan, Castle of Clash, Samurai Siege and even Dominations. Here you are required to build your own city buildings and manage all of the resources which you can obtain through battles or passive resources points. To enjoy… Continue reading Total Conquest : Should We Play?


Zenonia S : The Rifts Little Guy Game!

Zenonia S: Rifts In Time is part of Zenonia franchise, the sixth installment of all series and the first saga game that goes online. Even though the game features is the same as before, you can play online now team up with other players. Since it will be in real time, you need make best… Continue reading Zenonia S : The Rifts Little Guy Game!


Suicide Squad Special Ops : Are you up for a challenge?

Suicide Squad Special Ops is a first person shooter action which is optimized for mobile game play. This game of course is based on the famous Suicide Squad movie which featuring Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo and other more characters. In this game you will have… Continue reading Suicide Squad Special Ops : Are you up for a challenge?


Saga Go : Cute Battle Skill Combination!

Saga Go was released by 4339enGame in 2016 and has become the great mobile game to play until today. As an anime ARPG, you can easily control your character by scrolling in your mobile device and right away bringing you the action-packed fighting experience! The story is pretty much simpler, at the edge of doomsday,… Continue reading Saga Go : Cute Battle Skill Combination!