How To Get Huge Almost Free Crystals In Castle TD!

Castle TD is a strategy castle defense game which I think worth to play due to the simplicity in this game. You will start with 3 warriors character, a Wizard which has great skill, a Paladin which has high HP (hit points) and a Barbarian which has high damage. The game itself has 4 different… Continue reading How To Get Huge Almost Free Crystals In Castle TD!


Beating Blades of Brim in High Score Bonus Runs!

BLADES OF BRIM is the most exciting runner game I have ever play. The first runner game I ever play is Temple Runner, then Subway Surfer. Both are great but I like this one better because of its simplicity and awesome graphic. It has various 8 heroes, many weapons, pets, armor and of course the… Continue reading Beating Blades of Brim in High Score Bonus Runs!


Wolves of Midgard Best Equipments!!

Vikings Wolves of Midgard is a role-playing game which is set in the fantasy world inspired by the Norse mythology. It was released by Calypso Media for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and of course PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was released on March 24 2007. When I first bought this game, I thought… Continue reading Wolves of Midgard Best Equipments!!


You Think You Know How to Shoot

The Fallen Ghost is one of the series in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The simple things to do here you will go for numerous mission to break the alliances between the cartel and the corrupted government of Bolivia. Bolivia has become the largest cocaine producer in the world and the Santa Blanca drug cartel has… Continue reading You Think You Know How to Shoot


10 Second Ninja X Frustrating Runs!

10 Second Ninja X is pretty much a truly hardcore game which need good strategy and fast fingers to complete all the levels of the game, because you need to calculate every step you make and has to be precise and timely. A single mistake is too much mistakes they say. Expect many mistakes and… Continue reading 10 Second Ninja X Frustrating Runs!


3on3 Freestyle GOT SERVED!

I welcome you to the one of most exciting competitive sport in the world which is street basketball. If you are a PS 4 plus member, this game is pretty much free for you, if you aren't you might still possible to play this game, I don't know. Street basketball is very fascinating game which… Continue reading 3on3 Freestyle GOT SERVED!


People Ask Too Many Questions!

When you are growing old, you will see different perspectives of a single coin. When we were young, we saw it as a coin which has two sides. It conceives with our mind, we thought it's normal ... dark and light, evil and good. You have to be good, or evil. You can't be both!… Continue reading People Ask Too Many Questions!