His Name is Luck

24th August 2018 0 By CS Commerce

Luck was graduated from reputable university, and was working well in some companies, but Luck was undervalued by these companies and by the managements.

Every month he earned USD 1,500 plus wasting 8 to 12 hours working when his boss sleep well in his nice bed with salary of USD 9,000. He was thinking like everyone else, graduated from university, apply for a good job, having wife and children.

Those things doesn’t happen in his life. When things gets better, Luck sabotages them with grudge and rebellion. He was tired being ordered around by his bosses.

Luck get an invitation along with 27 people for 1 position in a big multinational company, he said, “Forget it, I won’t compete!”. He thinks a lot of ways to make money, but none of it came easy as it says. He paid people for their ideas but zero results.

People say there’s always a woman behind every man’s success. Luck said, “I am not lucky enough to get woman, then how can I succeed?” Luck only wants freedom, he doesn’t want money, time, or people told him to do anything.

He realizes that even freedom doesn’t comes free. Luck considers to change his name to Bad Luck, and maybe he might get a real Luck, but bad luck to him, he doesn’t have money to pay the name’s changing fee.

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