Dumb and Dumbest Conversations

25th August 2018 0 By CS Commerce

Sometimes communication is the hardest thing to do between a man and a woman, and surely it become a tiring relationship between both of them.

  • Woman : “I am going to your house tonight”(6 PM currently speaking)
  • Man : “Yes, come at 11.59 PM, because I need to do thing first.”
  • Woman : “So you don’t want me to come? It’s ok then, go do your thing!” (she expected to come at 8PM)
  • Man : “WTF did I do? I said I want you to come but give me time first to do my thing”

These kind of misunderstandings can happen a lot during our social life, no matter the gender is. We tend to attracted to these small fights, even though the solution is simply as letting the others win.

Communication skill is not something that can be learned in 1 or 2 days seminar. It has to go through experiences, a trial and error, but of course you can learn effectively from someone who has great skill of communication.

I am not an expert on communication and not even close to any of those BAU’s dudes (Behavioral Analysis Unit), but it doesn’t need an expert to understand how communication works.

Sometimes, communication required a manipulation. Have you ever succeed in manipulating your friends to do things that you want only using words? It happened a lot in life. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, everyone has been in the position that lose.

I remember when a woman who I just met ask a loan from me because she need it to buy milk for her baby and she will give it back the next month. That money I gave to her never come back to my account.

What did she do to me? She developed a feeling of compassion to her and her children. That’s not only enough to move my heart but also my wallet to her. Why did I do that stupid thing? Giving money to someone I’ve just met and believe everything she said right away? The answer is experience.

I never thought that there are someone who will scam me. I live too long in fantasy world. Communication is a hard thing to do, especially when you need to scam people. You need to see things from their side of view. What they would see of you if you said things. “never trust anybody especially when they talk too much” {click to tweet}

It’s happen a lot in a Job Interview where you meet a total strangers, you want to convince them that you are the best match for their company. How do you convince them? Every company is different even that they open the same job position title.

You need to understand the company, where they at right now and what they need. After that, you need to translate your education, knowledge, and experiences to fit those needs. d to impress them about what you know about them, the company. The last thing to do, you have to impress them with proofs to back up your statements.

Communication is the basic thing you need to enhance first especially when you sell goods of services. You don’t focus on your products first, you focus on what the customers need, what their backgrounds. People said, you have to know your customer first before you can sell anything to them.

In the end, we don’t like to appoint one of us as the dumb nor the dumbest, right? That’s why there’s always an advantage in social life knowing how conversations works using the communication skill we learned along the way.

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Photo credit: Rodrigo_Amorim on VisualHunt / CC BY