Blind Side

12th October 2018 0 By CS Commerce

I always thought the hardest thing to do in life is acting. Being in front of cameras is something that I would avoid for the rest of my life, and I’m not the only one who feel that way. Few years ago, as high school students, we feels uncomfortable when one of our teacher assigned us to perform drama in class.

What did we do back then? We talk and act as the script described. That’s one of my thousands’ embarrassing moments. Even though we hate to be the actor or actress, we love to see their movies. One of my favorite is “Blind Side”.

I have watched a lot of movies and genre in my life, but this I can’t seems to forget this movie. It shows me that there is still someone who cares.

Mike is a sad poor boy with great strength. It’s unbelievable how things turn out to be so well, when a family adopt him. Michael Oher in real life is the American football offensive tackle. He played college football for the University of Mississippi, and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL.

In the end of the movie, looking at the real Oher, I am a little bit surprise since I don’t think any resemblance between how he behave and his character in the movie. Mike, in the movie, is strong and portrayed genuinely kind and doesn’t have strong presence as Oher in real life.

Other things I love about the movies are as follows :

  • Sandra Bullock perfectly play the Mom. How many of us asking for a stranger to come and stay in our house? That’s practically impossible to do that kind of act these days.
  • Mike was asked to take a family photo together for Christmas or we forget the moment when Leigh Ann mocked by her friends because of Mike when they are out for lunch together.
  • The moments when Mike prove himself worthy in football matches and become attention of so many clubs that wants to take him in.
  • The support of the whole family members is always gave me a chill. No family member asked “Why you took Mike in, Mom, Dad?”

This is the first motivational movie I ever watch, so that’s why I will never forget all those moments, when my heart was touched by those act of kindness.

I appreciate more of this kind of movie rather than some stupid movies like Jackass! Jackass is really on another insane level. With a budget of $5 million, this movie can get revenue of $79,5 million, that’s just insane. Thank Goodness, the rating is 6.6/10.0. As I can say, Jackass movie is not acting, it’s just craziness goes live!

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Photo credit: Pho Vinternatt on / CC BY