Garbage Person

11th May 2019 0 By CS Commerce

If one’s life is predestined then nothing we can do about it. That’s one side we can think of, but even though we know that it’s predestined, we still don’t know how will it realized.

Ignoring the fact that we don’t know yet, and rush into such assumption seems like inviting a devil into one’s life. It’s tearing life apart, a complete dissection of human’s life.

Give up only means you never believe what you are fighting for. If things really impossible to work at, when will we say we’ve done what we can and it’s time to go? That’s exactly when you say “enough” then it’s you giving up your dreams.

Ever heard from people you care that no matter what you do they will say that you will not be able to do it? You can’t reason with them, they will always have something to put you down. You should just ignore them and move on.

What if what they said are all true? Even if it’s true, you don’t have to quit your dreams. There must be a way you haven’t think of and it just laid there for you to find.

In the process of searching that way, people will mock you, reject you, make you uneasy, make you desperate, but it’s all right, you need to focus on your path to reach your dreams.

  • M : “Hey, by any chance, does your company need expansion, cause I have a $ 1,000,000 land?”
  • N : “This is not my company, I’m WORKING here!”
  • M : “Oh ok, but do you need expansion since you can buy this 100,000 acre for cheap prize, but the license is expired?”
  • N : “What is this? Now you selling land? Not working for company? Anyway maybe, but I won’t buy it FROM you!!!”
  • M : “Well, I’m just offering you anyway, no hurt feeling bro! Ok then, see ya!”

There are people out there who disrespect you, who doesn’t care if you are honest and just wanna make money fair and square! The aftermath is do you give up on rejection, or do you prepare to get more rejections?

These rejections are nothing compared to the success you dream of later! You will succeed no matter what! Like a plant, you dreams need to grow slowly! Just don’t stay too long with garbage person, they won’t support you, help you, and just giving you headache!

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