Blogging Vs Real Life

3rd July 2019 0 By CS Commerce

Why we stop blogging? The reason behind that might be a Real Life need us to concentrate on it. Maybe you do some real business, not some unrealistic passive income scheme that you know from internet.

If we have to choose and capable of doing business or internet marketing, we would love to work on this passive income things, but more people are stuck with other people’s opinion and guide to success on internet marketing.

We might stop blogging because we are busy with our work as employees in companies. We just don’t have time to blog with all the deadlines. Every time we blog, we don’t think about how much money do I get from this blog. It’s because we love to share information, opinion, or interesting ideas to people.

If our blog get so many views, so many responses, we would energized to blog more and we love to get some dollar if they click our ads and we make our money from affiliate or simply just selling products.

Able to work from anywhere is what motivates us as blogger. It’s the freedom that we after first, but remember that we need to pay our bills also, that is quite a challenges for bloggers.

The point is if we can’t make a dollar by working as bloggers then we might need to consider working to people again and we will lose some freedom in doing so. Remember that freedom comes with a price and that price sometimes too expensive!

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