What do you think the first entertainment in the history of mankind?

I don’t know, that’s an honest answer, and we don’t want to know, because it doesn’t matter. It matter only because it makes us happy, and by definition, it’s all things that makes us happy. But of course, it will be different between people about things that makes people happy.

Psychopath’s view on what things entertained them might be very gruesome for most of us, but it’s part of the entertainment definition that we are talking about. Most of us don’t like violence, but we love to see violence. We should not deny it. We are excited to see boxing. That’s violence!!!

People are commonly put something cruel into what so called culture. Do they apply common sense on what they do? They do, but common sense even is not common among people around the world. This is where people doing protest, complain, even killing to other people’s common sense.

We are human with great knowledge but stupid application of that knowledge. Porn, Sports’ Gambling, Sex Massage, Drug Party. Everything that we know it’s wrong, we still do it. Damn, yes we have been damned. We are human, are beyond rehabilitation.

Have you ever think about your priests, holy men, who came up every Sunday, preaching about God, do they also making excuses around these entertainments? How can a priest who smacked his wife in the morning before a ceremony, easily perform their preaching? Preach only what you play!!

I was under an impression of if we do go to sacred places, holy places to pray, we will be out of impurity. The fact is nope. It doesn’t work that way. As long as we breath, we are a cursed creature looking to comeback to what we are before cursed.

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