May 10, 2018                 Killer Sisters : Vampiric Descendants!

Who doesn’t love anime? Who doesn’t love sexy ladies But killers? This game combine all three and achieve what I call a perfect combination for those who loves anime or hentai, probably.

April 17, 2018                 Last Zombie : Survival Defense Game!


Last Zombie was released by LigenSoft, the developer of Home Run which is a mobile game also. In this game you can deploy 9 unique mercenaries equipped with 9 types of weapons to defeat endless wave of zombies with just touch of your fingers.

April 16, 2018                 Art Of Conquest : Awesome Maps Conquer!


You will provided with huge maps which you can explore the huge magical world. What you can do? You will be able to besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!

April 4, 2018                 Eerie Game! Dare To Play?


Playing the first series of Amnesia, the Dark Descent. It’s uneasy to play this game maybe due to the environment, but overally it’s pretty much good game that put some exploration and revealing secrets part.

March 26, 2018                 Fallen Soul : The Treasure World!


Fallen Soul was developed by Teebik Inc. and can be played in mobile phone for free, of course there are always in-app items that you can purchase by real money. From the first impression, I bet people are hesitate to play this game because of the standard graphics, even though some players consider it poor graphics.

March 24, 2018                 The Shaman’s Path!

frozen wilds.jpg

Aloy walking in the shaman’s path to understand more about what happen to Banuk soldiers. Her encounter with Qurea and Aratak is the first step to go through deeper area of Frozen Wilds. The Spirit is what Qurea knows, Aloy knows it’s much dangerous machines behind all these.

March 18, 2018                 Simple Game of Guardian Souls!

Guardian Soul is RPG mobile game which was developed by Mobirix and has been downloaded more than 1 million. The game combines Real Time Strategy (RTS) and also the action RPG. At the first impression, it doesn’t looks like a good game, because it’s just the same as any other game model in the market, but I did really attracted to it’s simplicity and it has awesome way to evolve guardians.



March 17, 2018                 Bloodborne is Annoying!

Is there any reason why bloodborne is annoying? Despite the facts, it has great review, I find myself mad at this game, because it’s just the same as Nioh, I die a lot and killing the same enemies over and over again.

March 15, 2018                 Onet Pikachu Extreme is Really Hard!

Onet Pikachu Extreme is a puzzle game categorized under free arcade game in google play. It was created by Bang Bang LLC Studio. If you are a super fan of classic pikachu games, you will not ignore this game.


March 14, 2018                 Saga Go : Cute Battle Skill Combination!

Saga Go was released by 4339enGame in 2016 and has become the great mobile game to play until today. As an anime ARPG, you can easily control your character by scrolling in your mobile device and right away bringing you the action-packed fighting experience!



March 13, 2018                 Suicide Squad Special Ops : Are you up for a challenge?

Suicide Squad Special Ops is a first person shooter action which is optimized for mobile game play. This game of course is based on the famous Suicide Squad movie which featuring Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo and other more characters.



March 12, 2018                 Zenonia S : The Rifts Little Guy Game!

Zenonia S: Rifts In Time is part of Zenonia franchise, the sixth installment of all series and the first saga game that goes online. Even though the game features is the same as before, you can play online now team up with other players.



March 10, 2018                 Shadow Of War Better than Shadow of Mordor?

Is Shadow of War Better than Shadow of Mordor? Both of them has the same Nemesis System, but I think SOW is much better than the previous one because of the improved graphics, mobile companion, nemesis system, and the multiplayer feature.

March 3, 2018                   Hands of Fate 2 Cards and Dungeon!

It’s really a card could decide your completion of a dungeon. Bad card Bad Ending, Good Card is just good as long as the dealers are good. Are you a good dealer? Think again!

February 24, 2018            A Brief Look on Battlefield 1!

Even it’s only a brief look, you can see that this game is fascinating in various multiplayers mode, campaign mode, and also the variety of the squads, moreover on the awesome weapons and vehicles. It looks like no limitation on your killing imagination.

February 18, 2018            Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business!

Sad to say, but It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. Lincoln Clay finally finishing them off, no more underbosses. He run the city alone.

February 14, 2018           Persona 5 Turn Out To Be Awesome Turn-Based Battle System!


Persona 5 is RPG game developed by Atlus for PS4, It’s actually the 6th series of Persona games which is the small part Megami Tensei franchise. It was released in Japn first in September 2016 then worldwide in April 2017. I think I spent 300 more hours in this game and it’s pretty much amazing, but too bad that they prohibited recording a gameplay nor a screen shoot, because of this, people can only enjoy the game but some really took a chance to record it by other means.

February 11, 2018            The Stunning Musou Glory


I mean Musou Glory is stunning, give me a great impression when I start to play the game. It has lovable character and there are many ways to increase CP and increase EXP. The grinding is not boring also, and the Price Target for level up is very interesting also. So I recommend this game for you to play.

February 4, 2018              Kylo Ren and My Thoughts on YouTube

Like Kylo Ren took the dark side, maybe for some of us the youtube new policy also a dark era of small youtubers. Maybe, monetization is not fit for us who only want to share our gaming experiences and thoughts.

January 28, 2018              Funniest Characters and the Battle Of Jakku

Shriv and Lando are the funniest characters in the StarWars Battlefront II. Lando is easy going person but he’s not the funny one, only when he is together with Shriv, the chemistry begins. By far, this campaign is the last missions toward the ending of the original campaign of StarWars Battlefront II.

January 20, 2018             Hans Solo and The Hunting of Hask

Who doesn’t excited to see Hans Solo again, even if it’s not in the movie? It’s still refreshing, and our Iden Versio is helping Hans while she hunts for Hask in purpose of finding her father, the admiral of the Empire’s fleet.

January 18, 2018            Total Conquest : Should We Play?


This game is not far from what we have experienced in Clash of Clan, Castle of Clash, Samurai Siege and even Dominations. In this game your mission is to build and manage your city. There’s a lot of things to keep you occupied, which are constructing and maintaining villas, farms, temples, gold storage and tower defenses, as your resources increases, it will involves you to a lot of upgrades that’s easy to notice in the game.

January 15, 2018             Luke Skywalker and The Rebel

Luke make the first appearance in the story of Starwars Battlefront II, and Princess Leia happily, with Iden Versio and Del become convinced that they choose the wrong path with the empire, and joining rebel is the best decision in life they have.

January 6, 2018               The Doubtful Iden Versio

The Introduction of Iden Versio is pretty much unexpected, I never recalled this character in starwars’ movies. Maybe she never been big because of she’s one of enemies turn friends.

December 23, 2017         The Battle of STARWARS

The Battle of Starwars is insanely amazing with these multiplayers game mode, from a standard 4vs4 pvp to 40vs40 fighting in a massive galactic assaults. It’s totally a game worth to play for firs-timers and star wars’ fans.

December 14, 2017         Interesting Fighting Styles of Naruto Shippuden!

There’s abundant Jutsu you can use in your fight, which makes it much more interesting, even though the controls can be tricky in this fast-pace fighting game.

December 9, 2017           The Path of A Hero!

Delsin Rowe is walking the path or hero, but he can choose to be a villain with his superpower abilities. What is gonna be?

November 30, 2017         I am The HIDDEN ONE!

He said “I am the Hidden One”. Bayek and Aya finally separated but still they are the seed of assassin’s creed bureau.

November 22, 2017         Let’s Just Put Them To Sleep Forever!

The Scarab and The Crocodiles is the part 3 of assassin’s creed origins game play for today, and the challenging arena has been introduced here.

November 15, 2017         Hack and Slash CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

What a cute slash girl! It’s easy game, cute enemies, hot red animation and good combination of character upgrades. Look at these cute hot red cheek babes. I’m in love.

November 14, 2017        Shall We Hunt Down the PHYLAKES?

Don’t Let Phylakes comes to you, just hunt them down. They will very pleased to meet you or their death lol. At lower levels, these guys is hard, but it become so much easier with good combat and max level of course.

November 12, 2017        DESTROY the HUGE GODS of Assassin’s Creed Origin!

Defeating the Gods in Assassin’s Creed Origins involving the Anubis and The War Elephants. They are quite difficult enemies to face on, but with good strategy of dodging and hitting at the right time, using arrows to your advantage, it’s not that much annoying anymore.

November 9, 2017         His Child’s Death is His Assassination’s Determination!

Bayek only has tremendous assassination’s determination because of his child’s death which he never gonna be one, if his child didn’t die.

November 6, 2017         It’s PAYBACK TIME For the Ghosts!!

It’s payback time after being hunted down like dogs, the killing of Colonel Merlo. This top boss is only know well of his army. He himself not tough like his underling. He was surrounded by all Extranjeros type of armies, and breaking through the security is not easy.

November 4, 2017        You Must Be Joking if Flying Cliff to Cliff is Boring!

You know the the only awesome grappling hook game probably is Just Cause 3. It has remarkable grappling hook and parachuting, killing enemies while in the mid air. Easy control, lots of vehicles, weapons, awesome stories and lot of side mission to keep you exited.

November 3, 2017        The Best Mobile Grand Theft Auto!

Gangstar New Orleans is probably the best GTA like mobile game in the market. It has great graphics and sound, the auto aim helps a lot, the story and tons of item is remarkable.

October 31, 2017          How Impossible to GET RID OF This DUDE!

Do you know what scary game that the creatures just don’t die? This game is full exploration and just don’t care much if your character bleed a lot here. When i first bought Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard, i don’t know that it turns out to be one of these scary games.

October 31, 2017          The History of His Assassinations’ Career!

His career in assassinations start here! It’s the first time I am becoming a fan of Assassin’s Creed. It’s a great game with good depth and story, awesome battle system but simple, and very awesome game to start the day with. All with the secret place, and strange things like hallucination, unknown voices, and birds falling from the sky. It’s just amazing game.

October 27, 2017          Super Rare Aranea Expressions!

Seriously, I never saw her expressions, these expressions before , i don’t ever recalled she smiling purely in other dlc or even in the main game. Prompto DLC simply awesome short story, but I expect more from Ignis DLC which will come later.

October 24, 2017          How Easily Complete All Rebel Supports Operation!

Finishing Rebel Supports Operation, I have come up with simple strategy in the Fallen Ghosts, one of Ghost Recon DLCs. I arrange the video from easy difficulty to what most difficult Rebel Supports Operation here.

October 22, 2017          Don’t Be Scared! You Have Not See the Worst!

Do you know what game that will scare you the most? I am just too scared of this game. It’s just so graphic, that I can’t sleep the first night I play it. When i first bought Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard, i don’t know that it turns out to be one of these scary games.

October 18, 2017          Why These Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Happening?

Assassin’s Creed Festival? Is this means more future collaboration? Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed? That’s sounds great. Square Enix and Ubisoft has made collaboration between these two different games. Now we see how Assassin’s Creed looks like in the FFXV, will we see another collaboration from Square Enix in other games later?

October 16, 2017          You Think You Know How to Shoot?


In the Fallen Ghost, you will need to have Decent Sniper Skill, because you will be hunted down by Special Forces, and you will have to fight harder than ever to complete the missions. You will fight powerful enemies, learn new skills and unlock new weapons in this DLC.

October 12, 2017          Wolves of Midgard Best Equipment!!


In the Wolves of Midgard Vikings, Equipment and Class Preference will affect the way to eliminate enemies. There are Two Characters and Five Class Preference with different Equipment that you can choose.

October 11, 2017          It Can Be Much More Challenging!

Infamous First Light is a Great Game with easy control and environments and I would love to get more expansion on this game. Infamous First Light is an action adventure video game developed by SP Productions.

October 10, 2017          Mage is The Best Character to Challenge This Game!

What is the Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class? Knowing this can boost your game experience in DA Inquisition. Rogue is solid, but Mage has pretty great DPS and when it come to the specialization abilities, what is more Over Power, a Knight Enchanter or Rift Mage?

da inquisition.jpg

October 7, 2017            Tom Clancy’s Best Shooter Game!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the Best Shooter Game on PS4 plaftorm. It’s better than Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts, the later DLCs. I wonder why Ubisoft not maximize this Main Game.

gh wildlands.jpg

October 6, 2017            PES 2018 Superb Goals as spoken by Peter Drury

Making a Goal in PES 2018 is awesome, even Peter Drury state my goals are SUPERB. I enjoy making goals in PES 2018, besides PES 2018 has awesome control of skill, and awesome graphics.

October 3, 2017            DEFEATING The ONRYOKI After 10 Trials!

Nioh is a hard strategy game, but I finally able to defeat the second boss Onryoki. Playing Nioh is not easy, i have been defeated many times, but it satisfying enough to get through even only one mission here.

September 29, 2017    Complex and Addictive Game Ever!

Wartune is a real-time MMORPG and 5 years ago, I was addicted to this game. I still remember the days I only sit and play this game whole day and keep recharge my balen, I was one of the Balenor.



September 26, 2017    TOP 5 Free Games You Actually Don’t Want To Play!

What are these 5 Games that I actually don’t want to play? It ranges from games that taking too much time to finish, games that giving no clue, laggy games, or simply do not have enough players to be playing with.

September 25, 2017    Achieving High Level From Start!

I accidentally level up to 80 in Sword Art Online Hollow Realization which is GREAT, because I can get an advantage of killing enemies easily. It affects STATS but not your equipments.


September 22, 2017    Horizon Zero Dawn The END of The NEW Beginnings!

Horizon Zero Dawn is already at end, but simply because we are going to see the beginning of amazing new DLC, the FROZEN WILDS. Killing enemies will be much more challenging in the new DLC.


September 19, 2017    Making Nice Comments in People’s Channel!

I was boring making game review videos and decided to just make comments in other YouTube Channel. One comment turn out Awesome. The steps are simple : 1. make a video, 2. check videos with same title as mine, 3. filter to upload date, 4. pick a video, then 5. comment on it.

September 17, 2017    Uncomfortable Moments in Nier Automata!

There are definitely some uncomfortable moments in Nier Automate which ranging from just looking for a location or just want to get a chest. Nier Automata is an action RPG game developed by Platinum Games and published under Square Enix.


September 15, 2017    Building Your Best Team in Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager!

Building best team in PESCM needs a lot of work including scout, recruit, selling players, replace players, training, and building.


September 12, 2017    Why You Should Play Mafia III?

There are many reasons why you should play mafia III, among those it’s one of the best game among other good games with the same genre. It has easy control, auto aim which is very useful. In overall, this game is very worth to try.

mafia 3.jpg

September 12, 2017    How to Level Up Fast in Chaos Chronicle!

Level up Fast in Chaos Chronicle is pretty much easy if you know how to do it. Chaos Chronicle is a mobile MMORPG which has many heroes collection and game modes.


September 11, 2017    Gamers Dude Introduction!

Welcome to my channel. Its an honest games reviews for all the games I ever play and will play in playstation, mobile, and other platforms that i encountered in my gaming life.

September 10, 2017    WINNING Super Nations Wars!

Put them together, Dominations vs Samurai Siege, who will wins? Dominations has easy and vast upgrades using abundant resources. Samurai Siege has Japanese way of killing enemies with its super upgraded.

September 8, 2017     How To Get Huge Almost Free Crystals In Castle TD!

Get Huge Almost Free Crystals in Castle TD is easy now. Castle TD is a castle defense strategy game developed by Elite Games. It’s basicly the simple defense tower base.

castle td.jpg

September 7, 2017     Beating Blades of Brim in High Score Bonus Runs!


You can get pretty much high score with the score bonus available in Blades of Brim itself. Imagine you can beat your friend’s score in Blades of Brim, you can boast to them. Brim is most exciting runner game I have ever play which is very simple, good graphics and easy control, plus cute enemies.

September 6, 2017     Get Through Hardcore Final Trial Final Fantasy XV!


Get through hardcore final trial against Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto is difficult, but with changes in strategy, it’s managable. Final Fantasy XV is an open world RPG video game developed by Square Enix.

September 5, 2017     Alienation Die Hard Solo Mission!

Doing Solo Mission in Alienation is Die Hard experience for some players. To be able to do Solo, you need to do more grinding in this game. Challenges such as Arkship, UFO, Weekly Mission, and UNX Assignment are hard without co-op.


September 4, 2017     How to Beat Nightmare Players in Guns Up!

In this video, I will show you how to beat nightmare players in guns up. Guns Up is about building and strengthening your base, develop your army, defending your base, and attacking other player bases.


September 4, 2017     10 Second Ninja X Frustrating Runs!

10 second.jpg

10 Second Ninja X can be very frustrating game runs. This game only gives you 10 second to finish a level, therefore this is one of utterly hardcore game that needs fast and precise moves to complete all levels.

September 3, 2017     Walking Through Battles with Heroes and Goddesses!


Goddess Primal Chaos is a 3D action MMORPG mobile game which was developed by koramgame. It is one of the hottest game in 2017 and called as the next generation mobile game. The main story plot is simple, be a hero to save the world!

August 29, 2017     3on3 Freestyle GOT SERVED!

3 on 3.jpg

If you are NOT GOOD at it, you will be GOT SERVED in 3on3 Freestyle. 3on3 Free Style is one of the most exciting and competitive sport game developed by JoyCity Corporation. Let me know in the comment section what do you think about this game?