Games are very fascinating. I would like to get new games, new features, and climb the ranks fast.

I play games on PlayStation 4,  Mobile Phone, Websites, and on Laptop for Offline Games. I never count how many games I have already play until today, but I think of a number between 400 to 500 games, not much really.

I would love to shop for new games, play them for a few hours on weekends and move to another game the other next week, and so on, just to experience the game feature.

The only thing I would concentrate in a game is getting as much trophy as I can and getting the game’s trophies are the best achievement. Challenges always accepted in all kind of new games. Games did waste your time, but I choose to play games not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many. Well, I still doing other things plenty enough on weekends.

Game industry is growing. It’s a fact. I was thinking to become an employee in a Gamer’s Company like Square Enix Co. Ltd., it would be awesome though. I don’t think my path would come across any of these game companies, but it’s still awesome to be able to look at their exhibitions someday.

The simple thing to say about how I like games is by putting up a You Tube Channel and doing video review on games weekly. That’s where this small blog section “Games” starting to realized.

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