The Background

Officially Gamer, Blogger, Entertainer is a title used for this website with a sole purpose of sharing thoughts and reviews on interest things (but not limited) on Life, Games, and Entertainments.

Living on several cities in Indonesia for 30 years has broaden my knowledge and thoughts, but I am a simple guy which have interests from simple entertainments (sports, party, no-risk gambling, investments, philosophy, money, etc.) and games, (ps4, mobile game, websites, offline, etc.) to blogging.

Time is indeed precious, and it flies to places where you will never meet it again. No one can turns back time. What was in the past stayed in the past, what will be in the future remains locked, but what is now is something we can do about.

I recall so many times that life is not working as it should be. Disappointments, Betrayals, A Series of Unfortunate Events, it’s all there. Once in a lifetime, everyone will face these situation. And “what we do about it” is what matter.

Despite how life taking you to, It is you who decided the actions. Do you want your freedom or simply a slave and not enjoying your life? Life is meant to be happy. You don’t seek for happiness, You create your happiness.

As long as your blood still inside, you can boil it to achieve anything in life. Whenever you see a door shut for you, and you can’t see the way out, you need to close your eyes and start kicking the door until it’s open. It’s the only way.

Video Games

Games are very fascinating. I would like to get new games, new features, and climb the ranks fast.

I play games on PlayStation 4,  Mobile Phone, Websites, and on Laptop for Offline Games. I never count how many games I have already play until today, but I think of a number between 400 to 500 games, not much really.

I would love to shop for new games, play them for a few hours on weekends and move to another game the other next week, and so on, just to experience the game feature.

The only thing I would concentrate in a game is getting as much trophy as I can and getting the game’s trophies are the best achievement. Challenges always accepted in all kind of new games. Games did waste your time, but I choose to play games not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many. Well, I still doing other things plenty enough on weekends.

Game industry is growing. It’s a fact. I was thinking to become an employee in a Gamer’s Company like Square Enix Co. Ltd., it would be awesome though. I don’t think my path would come across any of these game companies, but it’s still awesome to be able to look at their exhibitions someday.

The simple thing to say about how I like games is by putting up a You Tube Channel and doing video review on games weekly. That’s where this small blog section “Games” starting to realized.


What do you think the first entertainment in the history of mankind?

I don’t know, that’s an honest answer, and we don’t want to know, because it doesn’t matter. It matter only because it makes us happy, and by definition, it’s all things that makes us happy. But of course, it will be different between people about things that makes people happy.

Psychopath’s view on what things entertained them might be very gruesome for most of us, but it’s part of the entertainment definition that we are talking about. Most of us don’t like violence, but we love to see violence. We should not deny it. We are excited to see boxing. That’s violence!!!

People are commonly put something cruel into what so called culture. Do they apply common sense on what they do? They do, but common sense even is not common among people around the world. This is where people doing protest, complain, even killing to other people’s common sense.

We are human with great knowledge but stupid application of that knowledge. Porn, Sports’ Gambling, Sex Massage, Drug Party. Everything that we know it’s wrong, we still do it. Damn, yes we have been damned. We are human, are beyond rehabilitation.

Have you ever think about your priests, holy men, who came up every Sunday, preaching about God, do they also making excuses around these entertainments? How can a priest who smacked his wife in the morning before a ceremony, easily perform their preaching? Preach only what you play!!

I was under an impression of if we do go to sacred places, holy places to pray, we will be out of impurity. The fact is nope. It doesn’t work that way. As long as we breath, we are a cursed creature looking to comeback to what we are before cursed.

Life and Education

What can we talk about life? It’s moving, and its alive. One’s life could be lonelier at sometimes and full of crap at other times. The thing is no one cares about your life more than you do.

If you give up on your life, its all on you. I think all of us have been in depressions and happy-feet states, the thing is, it shapes what we are today. Sometimes you go under it and on another occasion, you are at the top of its iceberg.

Move on is a choice, but Move Forward is a must. We can be so full of ourselves at a time because we can’t see what is behind every events in our life. I am not talking about the invisible hand, but just because you can’t see the bigger picture, it doesn’t mean your life ended. You just need to have a little faith.

A lot we can do in a lifespan. Tomorrow, next year, another decade, we might still be here breathing or not. It’s not people’s right to decide and judge on how should a person live their life.