What can we talk about life? It’s moving, and its alive. One’s life could be lonelier at sometimes and full of crap at other times. The thing is no one cares about your life more than you do.

If you give up on your life, its all on you. I think all of us have been in depressions and happy-feet states, the thing is, it shapes what we are today. Sometimes you go under it and on another occasion, you are at the top of its iceberg.

Move on is a choice, but Move Forward is a must. We can be so full of ourselves at a time because we can’t see what is behind every events in our life. I am not talking about the invisible hand, but just because you can’t see the bigger picture, it doesn’t mean your life ended. You just need to have a little faith.

A lot we can do in a lifespan. Tomorrow, next year, another decade, we might still be here breathing or not. It’s not people’s right to decide and judge on how should a person live their life.

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