Nier Automata Game Review

Nier Automata is action RPG developed by Platinum Games and published under Square Enix for PlayStation 4, the same producer that creates Final Fantasy XV and Assasins’s Creed.

What i don’t like about Nier are …

  1. First,my first impression because i saw a video that showing the angle from top, so the characters looks mini, and it’s just don’t feel comfortable to play this kind of game.
  2. Second, but because of the ratings, I decided to play the game, and I ended up regrets it because i can’t see the female character because of the top angle view, so after a scene playing the game i decided to give up and just put it off.
  3. Third, then few months passed and i decided to play the game again only after i’m done with Persona 5 which really took hundreds of hours to finish. And, lets just do it, I am boring so i don’t have a choice. Then, its BOOM! I like it.

So then, it comes with …

What i like about Nier are …

  1. First, 2B. That’s it1 2B! 2B! 2B! and 2B!
  2. Second, I will always use auto for combat and well I really don’t like hard challenges when it comes to a game, but of course if its still manageable i will do it, but if its not, I will not do it … and that’s what happen with FFXV Secret Dungeon, I don’t want to come back and challenge that dungeon anymore. It sucks!!!
  3. Third, I always a fan of Upgrading Max Equipments or Items. I want to upgrade those Chips, and get all Pods and Weapon, cause that will get me my Trophy also.

Nier is as bad as its good rating. I mean, even though I love this game, there are moments when I hate it, I even make YouTube videos showing those moments.

Here are my Top Annoying Moments in Nier Automata :

  1. I SOLD A CHIP. Yes, that’s just fucking unbelievable, 2B died and I have to Restart the Game, but Geez, I was saved by my Manual Save.
  2. PARADE QUESTS. There is this PARADE QUEST, that need me to GUARD those robots going on Parade/Protest or something I don’t quite remember lol. It sucks, I don’t quite strong enough to kill all enemies quickly. Then I ended up finishing the quest after the Game End.
  3. DESERT PHOTOGRAPH. I have to go to this dessert outside the boundaries, and been trying to passed but the wind was just so strong, until I have an idea to just going around it. Well, that’s a relieve after I saw the most beautiful place in Nier Automata, I came to a place with very relaxing views.
  4. CAVE CLIFF. I have been wondering for some times to get to this location and succeed the “Lord of Valley” mission. It turned out that the place is deep down the cliff. I was just mesmerizing by my efforts to find this place. Then what happen next also not enjoyable, with Level 26, I have to kill a Level 50 robot, and I don’t get anything good loots from this robot. But hey , I found my best fishing spot.
  5. CYPRESS STICK CHEST. This is the most annoying chest. Its just … man, I’m trying for 1 hour to get the chest.

Okay, Okay … That’s all what i want to complain about Nier Automata. Other than that, this game is BEST, especially when I even got TROPHY for looking at 2B’s underwear for 10 times or whatever … ^.^

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

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Final Fantasy XV Game Review

FFXV is an open world RPG video game developed by Square Enix. The game contain 15 episodes in the Final Fantasy series, and released on November 29, 2016. The game flows from an adventure of Noctis with other game characters which are Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto.

The game features an open-world environment and action-based battle system, a hack and slash type of game with more feature on warps. Direct control is only applied on Noctis, but we can perform special attack with other character when the skill gauge full.

Final Fantasy XV takes place on the fictional world of EOS. I am not a fan of final fantasy but as a first-timer, the emotion contain in the story is fascinating, also as an open world its not bad, challenge with demons/monsters keeping the game at interesting level, except for Chapter 13 when Noctis lose all his abilities and equipped with only Ring of Lucii, but due to the complaint of fan and player, they now give option to act as Gladio in completing Chapter 13.

Gladio and Prompto DLC already came out, left with Ignis DLC. Gladio DLC seems too short for a waiting of few months. I mean they can make it much better considering Gladio we are talking about, the beast of Final Fantasy.

This game has been developed from 2006, which means more than 10 years, and the overall result is not disappointed comparing it to other FF series. When it relased, FFXV broke sales records with shipping over six million copies worldwide.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

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Alienation Game Review

The First Alien game I ever play is Alien Shooter on PC few years ago. It has its simplicity and only 2 characters with equipped weapon ranges from a pistol until fire shooter. I think Alien Shooter is great already until I meet Alienation. Housemarque developed this shooter RPG game and finally releases in April 2016.

The game itself has 3 characters you can choose, they are Bio-Specialist, Tank, and Saboteur. Each of them equipped with different sets of abilities. By increasing your level, you gain ability points which you can use to upgrade those abilities.

What you need to do in this game is you will have to go co-op with other players online to make some areas easier to win. But a suggestion to you is that in the beginning you have to spent some time to go solo easier area to get your level up and finding legendary weapon that will give you comfort to go further. To improve your chance to get legendary item you need to destroy 3 spawn place to get a boost, but if you die before you get to the extraction point, the boost will reset to zero, so please watch your health and think your move before making forward to unexplored area.

What you can expect from this game is surprise horde that can come at any time, so equip your character with proven area attack abilities is a must.

The scenarios in this game are divided into 2 place, called World 1 and World 2. Suggestion made is to increase your level and abilities enough around level 30 before moving to World 2 because the enemy level will be higher than your current level and chance of having legendary is the same as in World 1.

It’s a Grinding game, so just be patient and surely you will be strong enough to take down higher level enemies or tough bosses, therefore when you decided to move to World 2, it’s much better to do co-op, but of course if you confident enough in yourself, it’s challenging to do solo.

World 2 is much interesting rather than World 1. Here you can get periodic quests that provided you with items, and also mission such as Ark Ship is very thrilling to do.

Beside that Alienation through its shop in PS4 also gives you the opportunity to start at level 15 in World2, but to my experience i don’t think it’s needed to do, since even you have legendary weapon with this purchase, the enemies still not easy to killed, but at least you have 15 level abilities points that you can spend to maximize your playing style.

My final words :

  1. Do experiments with different type of characters. I usually use Tank because it’s give good defense for new players.
  2. Join co-op online or hunt other players, you can deactivate or activate this choice in the option menu.
  3. Don’t forget to collect loots, you need a lot of items to fuse and inlay to your weapon which give leverage against harder enemies.
  4. You can see your history of killings and what type of enemies you killed, how many hours you play and etc in the option menu which gives you idea and support to play the game more.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

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Guns Up Review


Like its name, Guns Up is a weaponized military “little guy” strategy game in PS4 platform. It’s another FTP (free-to-play) game if you are a PS Plus member. In simple words, this game is about building and strengthening your base, develop your army, defending your base, and attacking other player bases. If you win you get Perks, Cash, and Achievements to even further increasing your base and army. If you lose, then you will simply not get any of those.

The fun facts about this game is when you attack players ,don’t look at the title stars of the enemies, simply look at what’s in the base they have? Do they have air defenses? Veterans? or Anything that can’t be easily beaten? Nightmare players title should not be the one that makes you avoid to attack their bases. If you plan correctly (See my videos for further game play), then you can beat them easily.

Meanwhile other players that you underestimate which has only few stars, you might not be able to defeat them at all in the end because of wrong strategy.

In the game, you will see these features : Barrack, Cards/Perks, Mission.

  1. Barrack consists of your army with its different weapons. A few of them are Commando, Chemiest, Bombardier, Mercenary.
  2. There are 3 ways you can equip Cards.
    1. First, equip the cards on your army
    2. Second, equip the attack Cards in your Card Slot when you attack a base, and
    3. Last, equip the Commando Cards in your Barrack which is for your defense.
  3. There are also missions that updated regularly and able to grant you a decent amount of cash for upgrading your base if you able to execute it. But if you are unable to do it, you can always use Gold to change the missions. Warning : the missions are random, when you use gold, even the description is “Skip Mission”, it does not mean you “Finish” the mission, it only mean the mission will be skip and “change” to other mission which can be easier or difficult. It’s random anyway.

There is also alliance in the game that you can choose to join which allow you to have alliance battle that grants you decent rewards.

My final words :

  1. Its a strategy game, so when attacking players choose wisely and don’t be so cheap about equipping cards to battle, because anyway losing is not an option in battle, soldier!!
  2. Place your defense strategically so it would cover air attack, and massive amount of enemies coming to destroy your base. I remember attacking a player which has very good snipers, and it cost me halve army to make further move.
  3. Attack more players to level up is important. Leveling up will unlock more features including building points, and different type of army.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

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10 Seconds Ninja X Review

10 SECOND NINJA is utterly hardcore game that needs strategy and finger god to complete all levels. I will never get used to it, this kind of game can be annoying for many players but only for mediocre player such as me … ^.^ The concept of 10 SECOND NINJA quite simple : finish-off the enemies in 10 seconds. It’s simple yet frustrating due to many obstacles and need precise jump and no second chance of failed move or mistake.

It’s a matter of second, it can blast the result to a total failure. Even if you know every steps, or jumps needed to make a way to the finish line, when your fingers could not compete with your plan, it means failure. I tried so many times to plan it but literally its the speed you need to complete a level.

The last time I experience this difficulty is when playing mini game in PERSONA 5 that need you to make “witty” turn with left button stick. But, well I need the trophy for completing all video games in PERSONA 5 so failure is not a choice anymore, made it after 1 hour exhausting my fingers.

And if you think about getting Trophy in 10 SECOND NINJA, think again! To even get 3 stars in a level is a hell coming to town, you have to complete 100 levels of 3 stars.

1 star. Again. 1 star. Again. 2 stars! Again. Back to 1 star. DAMN IT. Again…

It’s free if you are PS Plus Member. Ninjas are cool, that’s what i thought at first but a smile become a grunt after playing the game.

This game in my opinion is best play with friends, challenging them to in each level and looking at them frustrated is a piece of satisfaction … LoL.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

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10 Second Ninja X cover

3on3 Freestyle Asia Review

3on3 Freestyle is a street basketball game comes to life in PS4 platform. It is to my experience is one of the most exciting and competitive street basketball game. You can pick several players from the pool of custom-designed characters. In the beginning of the game some characters already unlocked but there are still few characters that need further playing in the game to unlock them. This game involves 2 different type of playing style game which is 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3.

In 1vs1, you can control a character of your choice along with 2 others characters that controlled by the Artificial Intelligence of the game. Meanwhile in 3vs3, you still control a character of your choice, but the different is you will play with 5 completely strangers through online algorithm match. Since its a strategy game, you need to know when to pass the ball and who or how to make points, the challenge is there.

You can increase each level and skills of the characters depends on what style are you gonna play the game. Slamdunk style or 3 point-shoot style. Other feature of the game are Jobs and Shops. Joycity allow you to make in-game cash to buy accessories, items that needed to better the characters, but of course as far as we see the game as free game, meaning you don’t have to buy to play it, they still providing you the opportunity to buy in-game coins to purchase all the necessary things outside the core gameplay.

Here are the summary of the game features :

  1. Wins points needed to unlock and upgrade the characters’ abilities.
  2. Substitution players is allowed during time out, meaning you can choose other character to play if the game disadvantage you. Its more of making new strategy to flip up the situation.
  3. Local co-op allows three gamers to form a team and challenge players from around the world.

That’s it guys. See you on another review! And Please tell me about your suggestion or critics in the comment.

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Your Degree is No Longer Required!

I stumble into an article from that some degrees will be put to an extinction and one of them is Accounting. I was kind of offended since it’s my profession. So it said, “basically if a Quickbooks can do it, you don’t really need your accountant” Any people with the same profession would laugh so hard at it!

So I was thinking, do you think that accounting is only about recording financial transactions? That would be too underestimate of the accountant’s profession!

Photo on Visual Hunt

Then it said that “the changing course of this career requires less number crunching and more insight, and another good alternative to this degree is finance, where you can be dynamic in your career“. Let me tell you simple thing about accounting, Quickbooks doesn’t tell your boss what’s happen with the numbers, what could go wrong, what could be done to improve, and so much others.

If you only see one point of accounting application system, you basically neglecting the power of analysis. What we can do with Quickbooks is like what coding looks like? You input the logic into a programming language and it produces a result. You can run an accounting application system with journal’s logic in it and it will automatic result but it stops there. The result has to be interpreted to people so they understand.

Another thing, not many companies could afford good accounting application system. It always different from one company to another company, talking about the size of it, the transactions number, the cost and benefit perspective, and in what country your accounting’s work is.

Unless, software’s company provide companies with cheap sophisticated accounting application system that integrated from front to end, it will still need more decades for accounting degree to be thrown away like garbage.

There’s also a tendency to marry two profession IT and Accounting to one profession, which could be pretty much awesome, but still you need the accounting degree as a proof of your credibility in the accounting area.

The only thing I agree from that article is the career dynamic of finance. It’s true in the real world, because you can’t automate the finance in greater scope than the accounting. It needs a lot of thought because it affects the survivability of  all companies.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Thank you.

Who Care If Money is the Root of Evil?

It’s hard to see people you love don’t have anything great on them, while you have so many things on you. They don’t know the technology of the day, trapped in the past and not seeing the future. I view money as something that could put a smile on somebody if you use it right.

So I just purchase some mobile phones for my parents. Boom! They have the future gadget. Now, I have to teach them the power of SWIPE, the definition of APPLICATION, the meaning of INSTALL.

It’s 1 AM already, I’m already in my bed but I still able to hear them talking, debating who is better understanding these new things, I only able to keep smiling to it.

In this case, money is the root of happiness. The same night, earlier hours later, I visit my church teacher and exchanging life views which now totally different from me and her. “Angsle” is the food that makes me able to share, so I give some money to her kid and tell her to run buy us this “angsle” and i don’t expect a change if any from the money I give to her. That surely put a smile on her face, and put one thank you in my share bag.

The next day, I met my elementary school’s friends and talking from A to Z, going to share with them some help, but It’s not easy, they are in trouble and I don’t want to offend them at all by giving some help, so I notice that they have these PS 2, so I challenge them Winning Eleven and bet some money if they can win against me.

Winning Eleven
Winning Eleven

Did I lose? Yes. Did I fake it? Maybe. Maybe it’s just that I’m not used to it, but anyway what matter is they win their way, and I “LOSE” money to them, and it feels great!

This feeling is awesome and you don’t need to have meditation along to give you peace. Share and share more, then you will have peace! {click to tweet}.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Thank you.


How Lovely They Are!

Training dog is hard work to do but there are few steps to make them understand you. The only thing I knew about dog few years ago is obtain them from one of dog breeder in town, we start with a puppy, take care of them, giving them something to eat, and play with them.

Just looking at how playful they are, really giving me a refreshment, besides they are so lovely when they do stupid things. Who doesn’t love dogs? Me and my boo does.

But of course we avoid wild dog, few years back I have been chasing by a big dog when I am walking down an alley from school. I am young, at my best performance, and a good climber. So when it chased me I run back and try to find a tree (this idea is from African movie when someone chased by a lion LoL). FOUND ONE! But it take 1 hour until it went away.

I better stay there at a tree rather than bitten by this sick wild dog. Few days later, someone killed the dog. It’s bad thing to do, but some people don’t tolerate threat and people don’t have enough information how to handle things like that.

My strategy to train my dog is pretty much simple, but if it’s hard to train your specific dog, it’s maybe the best to take class for that and check this Dog Training Tutor.

dog training tutor.jpg

Kobie has always been a dog man. A native of Australia moved to the United States at age 11, where he worked first as a kennel hand and later as a dog trainer. Over the years he developed and refined what he saw as the most effective methods for dog obedience training. The Dog Training Tutor marks his debut dog training guide.

Make Them Sit
This is the basic step for you to communicate with your dog, so it’s definitely a good one to start with. I usually hold a stick/treat or anything (it doesn’t matter but be sure that it’s the one it put their attention to) close to my dog’s nose, then I move up so his/her head follow my stick and automatically he lower his bottom. Once he in the sit position, I say “SIT” loudly and give him the stick. Then I repeat for few times until he understand this kind of command.

Make Them Come
To do this, I take a collar on my dog, sit down, and say “COME” while me pulling the collar towards me. Then when he go to your side, give him a treat. It’s not easy to do, sometimes, they just go the other way, but after couple of times trying, I manage to do this.

Other than those two commands, there are actually some other difficult commands like make them down, stay, and leave it command. But, as long as my concern I am still happy to get those two command to my dog. I rather leave my boo to teach them other commands since it’s practically hard to do.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Thank you.

Friends or Foes?

In life, there’s always people who doesn’t like you. There are times when we take care of them, the people we proudly call them our staffs, our friends, our colleagues, our bosses. There’s a time when they turns against us. Staffs who make fun of us, they have no idea what if we were not showing them our mercy in working life. Now, when they are not under us anymore, they mock us, they put us as if we are the only one to blame for.

They just don’t know how stupid they are until you show them who they really are, when we don’t act as a shield between them and the top managements. Some of them are practically just idiot. They don’t have “thanks” in their heart for what have we done for them, they practically don’t remember when we at first recruiting them among hundreds of people.

Not so far also with people who we call friends, colleagues. I treat them almost everyday back then, and now they just don’t remember and even try to call me. Only one of them is still contacting me sometimes. He is my best friend, colleague and once staff after all, I don’t think in the future I will find anyone better than him. His character is outstanding, he works with me late until morning, he offers much help, he asks after he bloodily working on his assignment and still can’t solve it, he become a smoker after working with me for a bit (anyway, that was my satisfaction, he follow his boss’s lifestyle), he loves women and loves to drink (once again follow his boss’s lifestyle).

I manage to save my friend’s asses in front of my bosses, when they were in trouble. Those moments I did for people I called friends, are gone in the past. People tend not to remember the past and move forward. It’s good at some level, but when they forget good person who helped them in the past, it’s kind of showing who they are in the future. They might or might not succeed in the future, it has nothing to do with they forgetting us. It’s a reminder for us to choose to hang out with people who purely supports us and not gonna forget about us, people who understand the concept of return the favor. {click to tweet}

I conduct some experiment back then just to know who my friends really are. So I call each of them and asking them to help me financially since I’m in deep misery. They have all their excuses :

  1. Not Answering my call or my messages.
  2. “Sorry, I just bought an apartment, so I don’t have anything left to lend you”
  3. “Who are you? Is this scam?”
  4. “Sorry, I don’t have the money”

Their sorry bullshit saying keep ringing in my ears, so this is who they actually are! This is when my concept on only loves who loves you back arise. Those kind of responses only leave me a question, “Why don’t you just say, how much do you need? I will help if I have!”

They just break the whole relationship with those sorry words. Sorry is never enough! People won’t help you when you are in trouble, because they are selfish. Sooner or later in their life, they will see all people leaving them for good. God damn selfish bastard!

But life never stop when friends don’t help you. They will not become your foes just because of that, but you will not contact them, you will not care for them anymore, you don’t even give a damn when they die or in deep shit.

We have to keep going on living this life, with a concept of success is our great revenge!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!