Life Is Not Linear or Even a Math To Solve!

Why people suicide? Because for them life is linear and 1 plus 1 equals 2. Who said that? Either you are god damn smart or god damn dumb! There’s always something wrong with the concept of Karma, if you do bad then you will ended up bad.  It’s just stupid, because like a game, life always have a cheater on it.

People can cheat dead! They can cheat bad luck! As strong as the concept of Karma itself, life cheating is also even an ancient concept that lies side by side with Karma. The mummification, black magic, white magic, the power of money, the power of lies and etc. All of them are the vehicles for cheating Karma. How many people escape from Karma? Look at the stars, if you can count it, you know the numbers!

Karma is always looking at the result of your action. If you view life like that, it’s one of many ways to die sooner! Life is learning and evolve, and you don’t have to solve its problem, because you can let it go and walk away then look another way to see something worth living for. It doesn’t ended up with arithmetic!

When a storm crushes your family’s place, do you go right away to them or wait until the storm calm down? There are something you don’t have to do even if it’s concerning your most precious ones. And if they die, did you feel guilty because you “can not save them”? Why do you come to the logic of being the guilty one? Ask yourself! What are you going to do with the storm? Are you able to stop it for crushing your family?

Are you somewhat God? That’s why I said my point if you think linear, then you will die in agony! There are a lot of ways to live this life! Look at those kids! Dying without parents! Abandoned by society! What do you think they think about themselves? They don’t think!! They live their life! They will take any garbage they can eat for the day! They try to survive every single day.

Japanese people going for a suicide because of enormous amount of works? Couples suicide because of love? People getting bullied and end up their life? I don’t intend to offend all of them making their decisions ending up their life, but seriously is it worth it? Why do people think if A failed then I must B died? You still have a lot of alphabet to work for!!! Why now?

Why not after you end up playing with those letters then you decide if this is the time to end your life? Why die early? What’s the rush? Don’t worry whoever in the end of your life, they will be still there waiting. No need to rush! Don’t think about Karma, bad luck, or any superstitious things! It’s not worth a penny!

Think, how you can cheat life! Here I will give you a thought of it!

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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Gamer Seduced over Porn : Wrong Distraction Ever!!

I just woke up this morning and started my PS 4, and plug in my coffee maker. I was planning to make a couple run on a game, when a message came up and makes me excited if there’s another fan of my gameplay. A PS 4 player namely, Berenicucuddly, geez so hard spelling the name. Never know it’s a he or she, I just bluntly saying hello nicely.

I started to see his/her modus operandi. Starting to ask about my age, to see if I’m underage or old enough to be the market target. And then talking about the “OVERWATCH”, a famous game that gain a lot of fans, a game that every gamer knows and get excited to play. He/she get my emotional right at this point.

I give some comment about living a good life, and not messing up with his/her life (assuming this dude is at his/her 20s). Then, the marketing tactics begin with a small idea of fun. What fun anyway that could distract me from my routine gaming schedule???


A private show!!! Well, why do you need a show to be private if it’s not the sex things. Then h/s gonna give me a freepass, and to give good rating. Now h/s play again with my emotion. I love ratings and achievements.

So, i was about to give him the rating he wants and just close the web, well my planning after this is gonna give him an introduction to my YT gameplay and stuffs.

But it failed me with what h/s said later …


I make an investigation of the website, my PS community all over telling that this is a scam. The form in the web and also credit card needed (even the reason “just to make sure you are over 18) doesn’t cut out. I already tell h/s my age.

I have been in a scam scenarios before, the last is when binary option is at its peak, I come to a website and just sign a membership with my credit card and it almost cost me a fortune.

Free Porn private show?? Well, I must say that’s really a great offer, but it’s a worst distraction against gamer. {click to tweet} It’s just doesn’t make sense to do it right now, when I need to play a game. I sometimes cheat in game, and I have a feeling that this one seems off. Well, that’s the end of Porn Seduction. Wanna see more of my games, just click the link here !! Do you ever getting scam like this one?

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I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!