Game Is Way More Expensive Than Porn

Game Industry is really going very fast, we notice the changes of graphic so much and it's getting better and better. Let's say Horizon Zero Dawn, which is already sold about 3.5 million copies. So, why Guerilla Games eager to build a fascinating world of Horizon Zero Dawn, and with that kind of graphic, how… Continue reading Game Is Way More Expensive Than Porn


Why Gamers Die Young?

I must admit the title is a bit provocative and can be misinterpreted at some time, but it's just the way I could raise an awareness among gamers, parents, and our friends. Some people die naturally, some dies because of accidents and things happened outside of their control, but some dies because of their ignorance.… Continue reading Why Gamers Die Young?

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Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 3

Here we comes with the third part of easy ways to make money quickly review : Go to the Television Competition Shows, such as BeastMaster, Deal or No Deal, and basicly get free money from it if you can win. It's quite make money quickly. Buy and Sell Domains Names. How many times we are… Continue reading Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 3