His Name is LUCK!

And by every end of the month, how much money he get? USD 1,500 per month plus he need to waste his time doing works every long hour night when his boss slept with salary of USD 9,000. He was thinking like everybody else, graduated from university, taking good jobs, having wife and children, but its just not happening in his life


We Got the Brain, the Intention, but We Lack Determination!

We all wants to be happy, even if it's only a slightest piece. In a life of every man, we were born, enjoyed playful children's period, went to schools, universities. We fall in love, we got married. We got ourselves an image of both of us, we watch him grow. We fight with each others, we argue, and we get old then we stop fighting, we take care of each other more.


A Baby Step, Slow but Sure!

Life's struggle is real, we can't escape from it. When you are unlucky enough to get things in order, you will start to blame anything, anyone. I was a melancholic once. It's in the past, but still what you are in the past and the changes you made, those past will still haunt you for a couple of times in life.