Blind Side!

I always thought the hardest thing to do in life is acting? Being in front of cameras and recorded is something some will avoid it for the rest of their life. I remember back then, I was assigned as one of a character in a drama. I won't say I enjoy that much in acting,… Continue reading Blind Side!


Help Me I’m Too Scared!

I have never been a fan of scary thing! The fact that I have to control myself is a burden. I am excited to watch any scary movies, and most of them is only making people surprise. I think this will give me a heart attack sooner or later. It's just so graphic, blood everywhere,… Continue reading Help Me I’m Too Scared!

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Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 3

Here we comes with the third part of easy ways to make money quickly review : Go to the Television Competition Shows, such as BeastMaster, Deal or No Deal, and basicly get free money from it if you can win. It's quite make money quickly. Buy and Sell Domains Names. How many times we are… Continue reading Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 3