Mobile Gaming Development

Mobile games are the great example of successful mobile application which range from simple free games to paid games, of course with a lot of in-app purchases available in the “free games” for players to fasten up their mobile gaming experiences.

In-app purchases itself has been the fundamental sales of any games for decades. It’s mostly found in any games but mostly in the MMORPG games. A massive multiplayer role-playing game is the best way to make profitable in-app sales, because it involves competition among players. Let’s say a website games like Wartune has been embedded their in-app purchase in monthly events, and weekly events, and its getting costly for players to get even catch up with the big shark players of the game.

In-app purchases makes a player stays ahead in the game and also make game challenges easier and satisfactory. But is it going to beat the revenue of game’s platform like PS4, X-Box, and Microsoft? I surely doubt that.

So how much the cost to build a mobile app? Kinvey said at the average of USD 270,000 per app which can be developed in 7 to 12 months. The most expensive mobile games among them are Clown Punching game (USD 300) and Gun Bros Apathy Bear (USD 600), which is totally not worth it to purchase. With that amount of money, you can get few awesome games with lower prize.

With that being said, what are the pros and cons of mobile games compared to other platforms?

Pros :

  1. Despite the fact that they are games in Mobile Phone with lesser graphic than other platform, it is actually still has it’s edge on the excellent graphics and sound, but of course there are bunch of worst graphic games which i rather not say.
  2. It has pretty much simple control for more challenging games, and easy game controls. As such in shooting games like Gangstar New Orleans, it use pretty much perfect auto aim.
  3. They are cheap and low cost but still fun and satisfactory to pass time or to build character over time, such as Blades of Brims and Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager which you don’t have to be there everyday to do the game but simply do it when you have time.
  4. As many other games, some mobile games can be very addictive, and there the in-app purchases offer is there for you to engage.
  5. It has the multiplayer also, league, and leaderboards which extend the game further which are very great for competitions.

Cons :

  1. Mobile Games are very easy to dismissed by the Developer, I have 4 to 5 games that i play consistently and someday the developers “SADLY” stop its production, meanwhile I already “invested” in the game with my in-app purchases.
  2. Some game difficulty is inconsistent, easy games are great, but going to a dungeon with same level enemies as the characters and still die is unthinkable.
  3. There is some problem with mobile screen for finger sweeps, a fps game with manual shooting is hell for mobile game, but even with other type of games, sometimes we missed the finger placements.
  4. Some levels are repetitive and you have to use many sweep tickets for obtaining a lot of resources for upgrades which pretty much unbelievable took time if you do manual grinding.

So, final words, mobile gaming has low cost development rather than any other platform games, yet it has provide gamers with easy and great value even though the control is not as comfortable as console or PC gaming as an example.

But any video games has very great opportunities to grow no matter what platform they were, and selling video games is one of other thing people do to make money out of this enormous games developments.



I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!


Gamer Seduced over Porn : Wrong Distraction Ever!!

I just woke up this morning and started my PS 4, and plug in my coffee maker. I was planning to make a couple run on a game, when a message came up and makes me excited if there’s another fan of my gameplay. A PS 4 player namely, Berenicucuddly, geez so hard spelling the name. Never know it’s a he or she, I just bluntly saying hello nicely.

I started to see his/her modus operandi. Starting to ask about my age, to see if I’m underage or old enough to be the market target. And then talking about the “OVERWATCH”, a famous game that gain a lot of fans, a game that every gamer knows and get excited to play. He/she get my emotional right at this point.

I give some comment about living a good life, and not messing up with his/her life (assuming this dude is at his/her 20s). Then, the marketing tactics begin with a small idea of fun. What fun anyway that could distract me from my routine gaming schedule???


A private show!!! Well, why do you need a show to be private if it’s not the sex things. Then h/s gonna give me a freepass, and to give good rating. Now h/s play again with my emotion. I love ratings and achievements.

So, i was about to give him the rating he wants and just close the web, well my planning after this is gonna give him an introduction to my YT gameplay and stuffs.

But it failed me with what h/s said later …


I make an investigation of the website, my PS community all over telling that this is a scam. The form in the web and also credit card needed (even the reason “just to make sure you are over 18) doesn’t cut out. I already tell h/s my age.

I have been in a scam scenarios before, the last is when binary option is at its peak, I come to a website and just sign a membership with my credit card and it almost cost me a fortune.

Free Porn private show?? Well, I must say that’s really a great offer, but it’s a worst distraction against gamer. {click to tweet} It’s just doesn’t make sense to do it right now, when I need to play a game. I sometimes cheat in game, and I have a feeling that this one seems off. Well, that’s the end of Porn Seduction. Wanna see more of my games, just click the link here !! Do you ever getting scam like this one?

But if you are looking to get out of GAME ADDICTION or PORN ADDICTION or ANY other ADDICTION, there’s an AWESOME way to do that! Just Click Below and Find Out Your Own Salvation!

porn addiction

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

A Game Console Where the Interest Begins!!

PlayStation 4 is the first game console I purchased a year ago. It’s a new thing for me while everyone else already play it for years. I was in a denial of game console, I said I will not play it, just because I don’t like it. Well, I guess I’m wrong in this matter.

I don’t like game console because I have played Nintendo in my early years, and it sucks, without knowing how game industry has been growing fast to these days. PS 4  is pretty much awesome, but as every game in the world, it consume time, if not, wasting time, but playing it every week will not get you into trouble I guess.

It’s a lot of to offer in PS 4 games, but I don’t look on X-Box  or any other game console yet, so probably It’s only my assumption. Without purchasing any games, you could already have enough free games to play in PS 4, especially when you apply for PS Plus Membership that pretty much cheap.

PS 4 games like FIFA 2017 or the latest FIFA 2018 has been a great opportunity to even makes money of it.


But even if you play a free games in PS 4, it will always comes in with in-game purchases. A free game, called Warframe, is selling their items freely, even coordinate with Twitch to get players having “free” items if they sign up for membership on Twitch which pretty much indirectly not free anymore.

We all have reasons why we play games, but most of them are the challenges in the game. We love challenges, games satisfy the needs. We are a gamer, not because we don’t have a life, but because we choose to have many. {click to tweet}

What gamer’s life is? Well, you sleep at nights, get up in the mornings, and play a game, or you play games at nights and wakes up late in the morning. It’s basically the same as any other things we do. It’s just a matter of priorities.

Trophy is great because it’s a measurable achievements on games’ challenges. It’s the same as a woman accepting your love, or an employer accepting you as their employee. The feeling is the same. And when you can’t complete a challenge, well some of us will just throw the console out, probably. Some people just quit and do it again next time.

Gamer’s for life? Then we are talking about Great Names behind that, PewDiePie, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, Peter “ppd” Dager, Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling, which some of them you never know. Making money from gaming is great, because you can enjoy thing you like and you still get money from it. So it’s an ideal idea, but not for everybody. Not all gamers doing great, some of them even doing a Live event and asking people who are watching them plays, to contribute money to them, asking for donation in other words.

As many gamers would do, I also do reviews on Games that I play on PS 4 also Games that will be coming soon. As much as I can, I do love to explore new games. But well, in the end, game is not our life, it’s just part of our life when we need a time to relax from our working life, at least for people who working not as gamers’ worker.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

Featured Image : Photo credit Pete Slater via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND