His Name is LUCK!

His name is LUCK, and he makes money

Luck was graduated from reputable university, and was working well in some companies, but Luck tired with these bullshit. Luck was undervalued by these bullshit companies, by these bullshit bosses, the corrupt, stupid people, bad culture, political plays.

And by every end of the month, how much money he get? USD 1,500 per month plus he need to waste his time doing works every long hour night when his boss slept with salary of USD 9,000. He was thinking like everybody else, graduated from university, taking good jobs, having wife and children, but its just not happening in his life

He blocks every thing called a good life style. When things gets better, Luck sabotages them with grudge and rebellion. He thinks that he just tired being ordered all around by bossy people. They have good heart, its just the jobs and all the deadlines shit makes their behavior worse.

Of course there are real bad ass people in works, but most of them are just getting pressured by the time. The time control their life. Its just the bullshit he can’t accept anymore.

Today, Luck get an interview invitation from Textile company, the HR email to 16 other people for 1 position. He just feel sad and losing any interest to work in a company, but the money pays the bill.

He thinks a lot of ways to make money, but none of it came easy as people say it is. He just paid people for ideas and not the real thing. He is still fighting without someone beside him  to support … girlfriend … wife … well fuck them.

People say there’s always a woman behind every man’s success, fuck it. Woman doesn’t determine success. They only cute, dogs too!

Luck only wants freedom, he doesn’t want money, time, or people told him to do anything.

You gain money , you lose money … whats the unexpected in that? {click to tweet} Fun is the only motivation for Luck to do things.


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Friends or Foes?

In life, there’s always people who doesn’t like you. There are times when we take care of them, the people we proudly call them our staffs, our friends, our colleagues, our bosses. There’s a time when they turns against us. Staffs who make fun of us, they have no idea what if we were not showing them our mercy in working life. Now, when they are not under us anymore, they mock us, they put us as if we are the only one to blame for.

They just don’t know how stupid they are until you show them who they really are, when we don’t act as a shield between them and the top managements. Some of them are practically just idiot. They don’t have “thanks” in their heart for what have we done for them, they practically don’t remember when we at first recruiting them among hundreds of people.

Not so far also with people who we call friends, colleagues. I treat them almost everyday back then, and now they just don’t remember and even try to call me. Only one of them is still contacting me sometimes. He is my best friend, colleague and once staff after all, I don’t think in the future I will find anyone better than him. His character is outstanding, he works with me late until morning, he offers much help, he asks after he bloodily working on his assignment and still can’t solve it, he become a smoker after working with me for a bit (anyway, that was my satisfaction, he follow his boss’s lifestyle), he loves women and loves to drink (once again follow his boss’s lifestyle).

I manage to save my friend’s asses in front of my bosses, when they were in trouble. Those moments I did for people I called friends, are gone in the past. People tend not to remember the past and move forward. It’s good at some level, but when they forget good person who helped them in the past, it’s kind of showing who they are in the future. They might or might not succeed in the future, it has nothing to do with they forgetting us. It’s a reminder for us to choose to hang out with people who purely supports us and not gonna forget about us, people who understand the concept of return the favor. {click to tweet}

I conduct some experiment back then just to know who my friends really are. So I call each of them and asking them to help me financially since I’m in deep misery. They have all their excuses :

  1. Not Answering my call or my messages.
  2. “Sorry, I just bought an apartment, so I don’t have anything left to lend you”
  3. “Who are you? Is this scam?”
  4. “Sorry, I don’t have the money”

Their sorry bullshit saying keep ringing in my ears, so this is who they actually are! This is when my concept on only loves who loves you back arise. Those kind of responses only leave me a question, “Why don’t you just say, how much do you need? I will help if I have!”

They just break the whole relationship with those sorry words. Sorry is never enough! People won’t help you when you are in trouble, because they are selfish. Sooner or later in their life, they will see all people leaving them for good. God damn selfish bastard!

But life never stop when friends don’t help you. They will not become your foes just because of that, but you will not contact them, you will not care for them anymore, you don’t even give a damn when they die or in deep shit.

We have to keep going on living this life, with a concept of success is our great revenge!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

When All Things Go South!

With all of these hard things going on, I just forget how I am in love with Korean Songs!

Blogs, YouTube videos, Websites, Works, at this moments … who cares, just hearing these beats, I’m feeling great. Hard situations will be there for a while and in the end all of that will pass too, no matter where I would be at later, what business and position is gonna be there for me.

Today is what matter, future is unknown. {click to tweet} I’m just gonna say Yes to all type of loves that wave to me from now on.

It’s so easy getting distracted from a plan or path you go. Listening to music is probably the only thing you need to relax your brain on a continuous battle with your situation. I have seen my friends solving problems after listening to musics, or working with your headset on and still achieving deadline with good quality results.

There is another way to keep relax while you were at the lowest point of your life and try to get back in life, a meditation. It will help you relax and get your life balance to get up again, working your way back into your dream of what life should be for you.


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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A Game Console Where the Interest Begins!!

PlayStation 4 is the first game console I purchased a year ago. It’s a new thing for me while everyone else already play it for years. I was in a denial of game console, I said I will not play it, just because I don’t like it. Well, I guess I’m wrong in this matter.

I don’t like game console because I have played Nintendo in my early years, and it sucks, without knowing how game industry has been growing fast to these days. PS 4  is pretty much awesome, but as every game in the world, it consume time, if not, wasting time, but playing it every week will not get you into trouble I guess.

It’s a lot of to offer in PS 4 games, but I don’t look on X-Box  or any other game console yet, so probably It’s only my assumption. Without purchasing any games, you could already have enough free games to play in PS 4, especially when you apply for PS Plus Membership that pretty much cheap.

PS 4 games like FIFA 2017 or the latest FIFA 2018 has been a great opportunity to even makes money of it.


But even if you play a free games in PS 4, it will always comes in with in-game purchases. A free game, called Warframe, is selling their items freely, even coordinate with Twitch to get players having “free” items if they sign up for membership on Twitch which pretty much indirectly not free anymore.

We all have reasons why we play games, but most of them are the challenges in the game. We love challenges, games satisfy the needs. We are a gamer, not because we don’t have a life, but because we choose to have many. {click to tweet}

What gamer’s life is? Well, you sleep at nights, get up in the mornings, and play a game, or you play games at nights and wakes up late in the morning. It’s basically the same as any other things we do. It’s just a matter of priorities.

Trophy is great because it’s a measurable achievements on games’ challenges. It’s the same as a woman accepting your love, or an employer accepting you as their employee. The feeling is the same. And when you can’t complete a challenge, well some of us will just throw the console out, probably. Some people just quit and do it again next time.

Gamer’s for life? Then we are talking about Great Names behind that, PewDiePie, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, Peter “ppd” Dager, Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling, which some of them you never know. Making money from gaming is great, because you can enjoy thing you like and you still get money from it. So it’s an ideal idea, but not for everybody. Not all gamers doing great, some of them even doing a Live event and asking people who are watching them plays, to contribute money to them, asking for donation in other words.

As many gamers would do, I also do reviews on Games that I play on PS 4 also Games that will be coming soon. As much as I can, I do love to explore new games. But well, in the end, game is not our life, it’s just part of our life when we need a time to relax from our working life, at least for people who working not as gamers’ worker.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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