Making Videos

Google Adsense Making videos basically the most interesting thing because it's the best way to share knowledge. You can get money from it but that's not the point, the point is simply sharing. That's why, it's refreshing and fun to do. It's not the business that makes it great, it's the people that makes it… Continue reading Making Videos

Article Reviews

Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 4

This is the last post of the article review title above. Here are the easy ways to make quick money : Be a babysitter. If it's available for you then it's a quick money, if not then it's not. Dog walking & sitting. Well, if you in a certain areas like apartments, you can find… Continue reading Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 4


Costs to Get Recognized Out There?!

How did people recognized you as a "someone"? Yes, you introduce yourself to the society. Even you can get a company specialized in Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Product Branding. The point is, make contact with everyone out there, out of your comfort zone. Being a back stage people for long is making someone tremendously uneasy… Continue reading Costs to Get Recognized Out There?!


When All Things Go South!

With all of these hard things going on, I just forget how I am in love with Korean Songs! Blogs, YouTube videos, Websites, Works, at this moments ... who cares, just hearing these beats, I'm feeling great. Hard situations will be there for a while and in the end all of that will pass too,… Continue reading When All Things Go South!