Thoughts on YouTube New Policy!

Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators was posted on YouTube Creator Blog on January 16, 2018 that shakes a little bit of my world, but to think through of it, it really doesn’t affect me at all. Growing a YouTube channel is a hard thing to do, maybe it’s not for some people, but for many people it’s almost like a torture if only the purpose of creating a channel is monetization.

People should realize that YouTube is not the only place we can make money. At the beginning, YouTube is a place we can share our valuable videos (don’t matter how you define “valuable”). It’s the spirit of SHARING at first when we come to YouTube.

I remember the first time I try to make a channel on YouTube, my purpose is I want to share something but I also want to make some bucks. A lot of things crossed my minds, but in the end, the only thing I can be comfortable of is to share my gaming experiences. I don’t even know how to arrange a game review, I was just more of “flow with whatever I can think of during my game play”.

I am a shy guy, I don’t want to put my face on videos, not even my voices, but I came across one of YouTube policy state that I can’t make monetization on any of my videos if it has nothing educational or guidance, merely gameplay can’t be monetized. The positive thing is finally I’m able to brought up myself to put my voices on my gameplay, now It’s a natural for me to make videos.

The only thing that I can learn from YouTube is CONFIDENCE. I surely not good enough to get much views, but I manage to challenge myself to do My Impossible. Now, YouTube ask me to get 4000 watching hours and 1000 subscribers. I give up on YouTube monetization, I can’t do it. The point is I am not a full-time YouTuber. I am just someone who upload videos and hope that everybody watch them, like them.

YouTube new policy trigger some thoughts in my head :

  1. They do not want to show ads on small YouTube Channels which really giving no positive result on the advertiser’s side (no clicks, not enough interesting videos that make viewers keep watching until the end –> it affects the possibility of ads getting seen in-between the video)
  2. Their claim to better protect creator is a bulls***. Do they increase payments of ads showing in the “Effective Creators”? or simply make the “Effective Creators” richer? I really doubt that. I think it’s just the way they decrease their cost and  also make better standing in front of their advertiser. It’s a reputation to uphold kind of crap.

Conclusion, if you still love to share whatever videos you have and love to challenge yourself to better present something well, YouTube is one of a good place to learn, but if monetization is your goal, then look around, you might found that the grass is greener on the other side. Or we can support each other by watching their videos.

YT New Policy
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Tell me what do you think about this and thanks for reading!



Making Videos

Google Adsense

Making videos basically the most interesting thing because it’s the best way to share knowledge. You can get money from it but that’s not the point, the point is simply sharing. That’s why, it’s refreshing and fun to do.

It’s not the business that makes it great, it’s the people that makes it great. For different reason, Google and YouTube put a marketing greatness there through AdSense. Adsense itself is great but it’s not that great if they decided to just stop ads shown on website or YouTube just because of invalid clicks or mostly they mean impressions.

That’s not stop there, they make decision that they will never open up how they know that people make invalid clicks. They mostly said that if they reveal that, people will be able to cheat on it. Excuse me, Mother Google, people can cheat on it already! But for someone new on Adsense, it’s just doesn’t make sense. How do we know if it’s not someone in google’s marketing who decided that our website is not getting enough traffic and it’s a waste of their money, so they just “make up” stories to cover their full intention.

We won’t know it. So they will punish people with 30 days trial, if no invalid ads activity, they will re-enable the adsense, but well you are now in their List, so do that again, and you will be disabled permanently.

Google won’t stop at that! If you re-apply adsense again with other account, then Google “recognize” you. You’re done for it!

Google Appeal

Really? Seriously? Appeal on Google? It’s against Great Wall of China! It’s against the GOD of Internet!. So maybe this is why McAfee make Google his personal target. So you will notice that some people turned from Adsense to build their own products and sell it online, just like PewDiePie with his Swedish’s Chair and T-shirts.

Alternative for Adsense

I don’t think that there are really good alternative for Adsense. Either you follow by their rules, and learn from experience or just abandon Adsense and go for other internet marketing products like Amazon and Clickbank, or just build your own online store up and sell the tangible goods.

But as for me, building a website and making videos is fun and the fun goes in the sharing knowledge mode. Well, not everything worth the money, yet Reputation is worth everything. {click to tweet} So, if you keep doing what you are doing even no money in it, it’s not stupidity, it’s a way of life.

There’s a lot of way to make money, it one way doesn’t work, why give up and rejected yourself? There is no fucking way if you knock on a door with people inside for a long time, people will not get irritated and will open the door for you finally, doesn’t matter if they mad, they still open the door.

But if you still to learn more about adsense, this is a good guidance to start with!


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly – part 4

This is the last post of the article review title above. Here are the easy ways to make quick money :

  1. Be a babysitter. If it’s available for you then it’s a quick money, if not then it’s not.
  2. Dog walking & sitting. Well, if you in a certain areas like apartments, you can find dog owner’s who need your service, and it’s certainly a quick money.
  3. Rent out your house for filming. Only if you have no difficulty in renting your house, it can be a quick money, but this is not everybody can do.
  4. Rent out your body. This is can be perceived in positive way or negative way, depends on how is your tolerance level. You can join massage club and works there (normal massage or “plus” massage it’s just depends on you). Or you can join blood donor, or to artist who wants to make a tattoo to your body or simply going to tests developed by government institution. Whichever you choose, it’s a quick money.
  5. Freelance work. Say you are good at accounting, you will be able to ask for bookkeeping projects from consulting firm so its really a quick money.
  6. Sell clothes and promote it from twitter, facebook, youtube or other social media. Go with unique clothes that you design by yourself or you only distributing it. Go get the factory’s owner to give you discount, then sell them online. It’s definitely a quick money.
  7. Sell stories and videos. If you simply have funny videos, you can sell it to You’ve Been Framed or any Newspaper. You might get quick money if you have your videos picked.
  8. YouTube Videos. If you upload videos that goes viral, you can apply for partnership and get revenue sharing for every ads in your videos. It’s a quick money depends on your views, retained subscribers, and ads clicks or watch.
  9. Networking marketing or Multi Level Marketing. There’s been many people succeed in this kind of marketing. It’s definitely will makes you work so hard to influence people but if you succeed, well, it’s a wealth coming to you. Definitely, quick money significantly.
  10. Buy and Sell property or be in the marketing property. It has been well-known that marketing in property gets a lot of money coming from commission if they are succeed to sell high value properties to wealthy investors. It’s definitely quick money.

Thank you for reading. That’s all my review for ways to make money quickly. Some can be done, some can’t but what can be done, some is easy-peasy, but some is so hard. Well, in the end, it all comes to your character, which one you choose to make money quickly.

Check this out for more of making quick money!

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I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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Costs to Get Recognized Out There?!

How did people recognized you as a “someone”? Yes, you introduce yourself to the society. Even you can get a company specialized in Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Product Branding. The point is, make contact with everyone out there, out of your comfort zone.

Being a back stage people for long is making someone tremendously uneasy to get on a stage. It’s like being nude in front of people for the first time. It makes you nervous, pumps up your adrenaline, and might makes you lose your consciousness for a while. But the fact is, back office people don’t like to be up front, yet want to be famous. {click to tweet}

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter is in the business of making people famous or just getting recognized by people around the world.

A Viral Video on YouTube cost you from 1 million views to unlimited views. It does make you being recognized, and even subscribe to your channel. Promoting yourself in YouTube cost you around $8 to get 670 Ads Impression and 1,400 views. Let’s say we want to get 30 million views to be able to get $40,000, it cost you $172,000.

Is it worth to promote yourself through YouTube? Maybe.

A thousands likes on Facebook will cost you higher of the YouTube promotion. For $20 you can reach 57,000 people (including organic and paid reach), and max reach that Facebook can estimate is >$60,000 will be able to reach 8,999,999 people. And then, it means, to reach 30 million people to get 1 view only is gonna cost you $200,000.

Is it worth to promote yourself through Facebook? Maybe. Or even GETTING PAID to use Facebook?

social media.png

Rain of Impression and Clicks on Twitter even cost you higher than the previous promotions. For $26, you will be able to get 8,400 impression and 24 click engagements, and the max promotion per 1 ads in Twitter is $2,620 to get 324,000 impression and 933 engagements. So, to get 30 million people actually saw your promotion (impression), its gonna cost you roughly around $242,170.

Is it worth to promote yourself through Twitter? Maybe.

I guess, we will not be able to use any promotions that cheaper enough to get maximum results. Not considering that all the views may not subscribe to your channel, all the likes will not sign up to your page, and all the impressions not all actually click the link.

But, It doesn’t have to be the way. Using the media to promote yourself is just effective enough as you introduce yourself to the society. Still, you will be recognized by people out there.

I think that’s the point of social media promotions.

I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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When All Things Go South!

With all of these hard things going on, I just forget how I am in love with Korean Songs!

Blogs, YouTube videos, Websites, Works, at this moments … who cares, just hearing these beats, I’m feeling great. Hard situations will be there for a while and in the end all of that will pass too, no matter where I would be at later, what business and position is gonna be there for me.

Today is what matter, future is unknown. {click to tweet} I’m just gonna say Yes to all type of loves that wave to me from now on.

It’s so easy getting distracted from a plan or path you go. Listening to music is probably the only thing you need to relax your brain on a continuous battle with your situation. I have seen my friends solving problems after listening to musics, or working with your headset on and still achieving deadline with good quality results.

There is another way to keep relax while you were at the lowest point of your life and try to get back in life, a meditation. It will help you relax and get your life balance to get up again, working your way back into your dream of what life should be for you.


I would appreciate your opinion about this matter, so that we can learn from each other better to live this life abundantly!

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